8 Ways To Channel Your Inner Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is an admirable character, to say the least. He’s also silly, flawed, and a not-so-special guy who becomes extraordinarily special as time goes on. With his immense bravery, relatable fear of spiders, and easy-going attitude, he’s a hard character not to enjoy — or fall completely in love with. And whether you want to admit to it or not, deep down, we all have a little bit of Ron in us.

Maybe you need to face one of your fears, or you’ve been giving your family the cold shoulder a little too often lately. Ron knows all about standing up to his fears and embracing his family members, even when it’s hard to love them. As the books went on, Ron always provided us with a good laugh and heartfelt lesson. Even as adults, there is plenty we can still learn and take away from one of the best Weasley family members.

We can all find little ways to channel our favorite HP characters, but how exactly should we tap into our Ron-like persona? I’m here to let you know. Between snacking on some extra sugary sweets to putting your heart on the line, here are 8 ways to channel your inner Ron Weasley:

1. Give Into Your Sweet Tooth

You know you've been dying to try out that new cupcake shop just down the street. Why deny yourself the delicious things in life? Ron sure didn’t. He stacked up on treats whenever possible, and it nearly always brought him joy. If you got out of bed, put pants on, and did something productive today, go ahead and treat yourself — Ron Weasley style.

2. Stay Loyal When The Going Gets Tough

This sounds easy, but when it comes to friend drama or work-related issues, people can be easily swayed in different direction. Ron is known for his loyalty, never doubting Harry when everyone else did, and staying true to the Weasley way. Sticking with the ones you love will only further deepen your relationship.

3. Question What You're Told

As the youngest of the Weasley boys, Ron didn’t have it easy. This definitely made him an easy target for silly lies or made-up spells. If you’ve got a gullible side, make sure to question what you’re told, just in case.

4. Realize That Your Insecurities Don't Have To Run Your Life

It took a while for Ron to realize that he didn’t have to hide away from his insecurities. His running away made him realize just how important his friends were — and how unimportant his fears were. If you’ve been having a difficult time in your life due to an insecurity or past problem, put your best Ron face on. It'll be worth it in the end.

5. Be Brave

When it comes to facing your fears, you have to be braver than brave. Ron, a true Gryffindor, proved his bravery in his very first year at Hogwarts, and he continued to do so in every book afterwards.

6. Recognize That You're Not Always Right

We’re all a little stubborn at times, but Ron took the cake. He could be stubborn unlike any other. If you’re fighting with someone you love, take a step back. Ask yourself if you’re just being stubborn or if actually have reasons behind your argument. In other words, check your Ron side.

7. Don't Wait To Put Your Heart On The Line

When Ron did eventually put his heart out there, he didn’t make the best decisions. That being said, he took a risk and stumbled into who he was meant to be with. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Go after that certain someone and don’t look back.

8. Cherish Your Family, Even When You Don't Always Get Along

If there’s one thing the Weasley’s all taught us, it’s the meaning of family. Sure, you don’t love everyone 100 percent of the time. Yeah, you probably want to disown your siblings a few times a week. But they’ll always be there for you, and you know it. We can’t all have perfectly imperfect families like the Weasley’s, but we can strive to love just as much as they love each other.

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