Who Is Brett Mahoney On 'Daredevil'? Season 2 Marks The Return Of Matt's Police Ally

In the version of New York City's Hell's Kitchen that Daredevil inhabits and protects, almost every police officer was under the thumb of Wilson Fisk. Well, except one notable exception — police officer Brett Mahoney from Daredevil Season 1. Brett is an old friend of Foggy Nelson, who assisted Foggy and Matt Murdock in taking down Fisk in Marvel's Netflix series. From the first trailer for Daredevil Season 2, it looks like Brett, who is portrayed by Royce Johnson, will be back to helping our protagonists again, but will he stay on the side of good?

Perhaps I'm naive, but I believe that Brett is one of the good guys. However, morality is not so cut and dry in the world of Daredevil. Unfortunately, you can't really look to Marvel Comics to see what his character will do in Season 2. Though in the comics, Brett exists as a minor character, he's not really involved in the Daredevil series. Instead, Brett Mahoney is still an NYPD officer, but trying to solve a murder in Marvel Comics Presents. So whether or not Brett will continue to help Matt and Foggy in Season 2 is not certain. There is a good sign in the first trailer released for the new season, as Brett is shown telling Matt and Foggy about Daredevil's new nemesis — The Punisher.

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Besides just being in Daredevil, Brett Mahoney also showed up in Netflix's other Marvel series — Jessica Jones — in Episode 7, "AKA Top Shelf Perverts." He was the first officer who was brainwashed by Kilgrave when Jessica tried to be sent to prison and under Kilgrave's direction, he held a gun to Detective Oscar Clemons.

While a mind-manipulated Brett in Jessica Jones could be a sign of bad things to come for the character, Foggy and Matt (particularly Matt) need all the help that they can get. So why not keep Brett as a man in the police force that they can actually trust? Aren't there enough characters that I'm worried about double-crossing them?

Like with almost every movie and TV series based on Marvel comics, Daredevil is all about vigilante justice, but it never hurts to have someone on the right side of the law to lend a helping hand. As Matt will be meeting The Punisher, reuniting with Elektra, and dealing with the fallout of taking down Fisk in Season 2, let's hope that Daredevil keeps Brett Mahoney as the friendly police officer with reliable intel that can help make Hell's Kitchen safe.

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