14 '90s Things Everyone Loved That You Can Buy

The '90s were a glorious time: Hanson was harmonizing in the living room, Nickelodeon was dumping slime on people, and Kris Kross made it cool to wear jeans backwards. You didn't know then that you were living through a magical decade, or that '90s things you can still buy would send shivers down your spine decades later — chills more intense than an episode of The X-Files.

A crew of chipper youngsters named Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake were holding down the fort at the Mickey Mouse Club, and you had everything in life categorized and explained, right down to your color-coded Lisa Frank folders. Back then, you were definitely afraid of the dark, you jammed out to your portable Hit Clips collection (for a cool 60 seconds, thank you very much), and digging your strawberry-flavored Lip Smacker out of your backpack for multiple applications was the best way to pass time in social studies class.

When you grew weary from hours of Slip 'N Slide, you quenched your thirst with a Capri Sun before heading inside to debut the latest You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Party. The '90s decade is still alive, and its heart will go on (in all its nostalgic goodness) as long as you've got these necessities on deck.

Lip Smackers

Lip Smacker Party Pack , $10, Amazon; Lip Smackers Soda Pop Flavors Party Pack, $10, Amazon

These party packs of Lip Smackers offer a refreshing alternative to goopy glosses and fading matte sticks, and only the best flavors are back for a victory lap. Vanilla, mango, wild raspberry, watermelon, tropical punch, cotton candy, kiwi, and strawberry start things off, and you bring it home for the win with the full pack of soda flavors. Mwah!

Tattoo Chokers

Retro Tattoo Necklaces (Set of 5), $8, Amazon

These stretchy accessories are actually back as a mainstream street style trend, and the necklaces looked just as cool in the '90s as they do today. They step up your outfit with that edgy coolness the '90s excelled in, and now you can have it back — in five versatile colors.

Lisa Frank Everything

Lisa Frank Portable Speaker, $15, Amazon

The Lisa Frank obsession never really goes away, does it? Take your love for technicolor animals and neon graphic prints into the next millenium with the portable Bluetooth speaker that wirelessly connects to your phone, and users say the sound quality is great.

...Or Draw In Lisa Frank Style Yourself

Lisa Frank Color and Trace Book , $9, Amazon

Get in on the adult coloring trend in your favorite '90s style. This drawing set has 32 coloring pages and 16 tracing sheets, so that you can relax and unwind by creating the unicorns you've always loved filling in anyway. Let the stresses of everyday life disappear into those rainbow flowerbeds!

Layering Comfy Soft Flannels

Gioberti Flannel Shirt (Sizes S-5XL) , $20, Amazon

The beauty of flannels is that they're the investment piece that keeps on giving for years. These flannel shirts, in particular, come in 21 colors and aren't 100 percent cotton — so no shrinking in the wash! Fans say the fabric is warm, comfortable, and durable, so no more settling for scratchy long sleeves.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos, $24, Amazon

If you're slowly but surely building out your adult board game collection, this classic should definitely be the cornerstone. Those hippos are just as hungry 30(ish) years later, and with easy-to-learn rules, this is one game that everyone can enjoy, young or old.

Amelia's Notebook

Amelia's Notebook by Marissa Moss, $25, Amazon

If you didn't learn a thing or two about personal journaling through Amelia, honestly, what were you doing in the '90s? I learned everything from how to deal with fights with an older sister to how to put up with a school bully and what to expect when you go camping. Those hilarious illustrations were the best part, and getting to read through a notebook filled to the margins with doodles and a storyline you could relate to personally always made me feel like growing up was no big deal.

Scented Markers

Mr. Sketch Assorted Scent Markers (12 Pack) , $6, Amazon

Imagine color-coding your scheduling calendar with watermelon and apple-scented colors. Uncapping each one released a delicious scent, and fans praise the long-lasting drawing tools for staying fresh and keeping their pigment several years after purchasing.

The X-Files Poster

I Want to Believe Poster, $6, Amazon

You've been looking for a tasteful way to decorate your office space, no? Get on board with Mulder and Scully by casually hanging this '90s housewarming staple behind your desk, or, you know, on a normal wall. Fans say the glossy sign is great quality, and X-Files insiders will appreciate your dedication.

Blow-Up Furniture

Inflatable Blow-Up Chair, $11, Amazon

Whether you're in need of easily removable furniture or you appreciate a nostalgic decorating aesthetic, there are plenty of reasons to get yourself a blow-up chair. Not only does it double as a pool float in the summer (score!), but one fan said the sofa makes for the perfect movie-viewing spot.

Stretchy Book Covers

Kittridge Stretchable Book Covers, $13, Amazon

These helpful fabric designs used to fit right over your grade school textbooks to protect book corners from wear and tear. Your identity as a student was wrapped up in your science book cover, and now you can recreate the magic with a stretchy cover all your own.

Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Shirt

Mickey Mouse Tee Shirt (Sizes S-XL), $15-17, Amazon

Like peanut butter and Oreos, Mickey Mouse and tie-dye are two seemingly unrelated items that make a killer combo. Pair this comfy cotton shirt with your cropped light wash jeans (worn backward, Kris Kross style), or just sport it over a high-waisted denim button skirt for the ultimate cool-girl look.

Leo DiCaprio Poster

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Poster, $10, Amazon

Like Doc Martens and flannel shirts, some '90s staples will always be classics. Leonardo DiCaprio's charming looks and acting chops have stood the test of time, and this poster from the romance film co-starring Claire Danes forever cements his floppy hair and devil-may-care 'tude into your heart (and onto your wall).

Mini Stamper Markers

Marker Stamper Tub (Set of 50), $20, Amazon

Remember the trails of hearts and butterflies you used to stamp up your arms? They're still here — and there are 50 of them! Give the stars and sun silhouettes an adult use, and stamp them on for your next music festival. After all, they are washable.

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