Nick Offerman Knows Sundance's Secret

If you ever wondered how difficult it would be to make an indie film and have it accepted into Sundance, Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman has the answer — not difficult at all. Made famous for playing Ron Swanson on the NBC comedy series, Offerman was on Conan Wednesday evening to talk about premiering his stand-up comedy film Nick Offerman: American Ham at this year's festival.

Conan asked Offerman how he felt about being invited and offered the prestigious opportunity to present his thoughts at Sundance, to which the actor replied in typical Ron Swanson fashion (honestly, we have trouble separating the two):

It was very flattering. I was not surprised though that they wanted to show American Ham because I know what the secret ingredients are that every film needs to get into Sundance.

Of course he does, and what are they — pussy and weed. No, we're not kidding. Offerman is no stranger to offering up advice — American Ham is made up of his "10 Tips for a Prosperous Life" — so we're not surprised he revealed his secret to Sundance success on Conan. We are surprised, though, that he's actually not so bad at carrying a tune.

Here's the video of his highly educational song, aptly titled "Pussy & Weed":