What Does Caila Think About JoJo Being 'The Bachelorette'? Her Fans Are Not Thrilled

JoJo Fletcher is the newest star of The Bachelorette, and I bet a bunch of you at home are watching your televisions or reading websites and saying, “Wait! I thought Caila Quinn was supposed to be the Bachelorette!” Don’t worry — you’re not crazy. In fact, pretty much every news media outlet “leaked” a few weeks ago that Caila would be the Bachelorette, but ABC pulled a bait and switch on us all. I applaud them for not being predictable this time, but there are many that are not happy Caila got passed over for Bachelorette. Bustle also reached out to Caila to see how she feels about JoJo being the Bachelorette instead, but has not yet received a response. Update: Caila commented on JoJo being named Bachelorette on Twitter, writing alongside a photo of herself, winner Lauren, and JoJo, "Congratulations to these beautiful girls! Sending love as the journey isn't over, it's only just beginning."

Earlier: Caila is adorable, smart, and had the perfect Bachelorette audition in her goodbye from Ben, but in the end, it just wasn’t strong enough as JoJo being told that Ben was in love with her and then getting dumped. Ratings are ratings, you know? According to The Inquisitr, Caila allegedly found out on Thursday that she would no longer be the Bachelorette, and the site claimed Caila got mad because, well, she got dumped again, and also because she’s missing out on a huge chance to find love. I can’t blame her for being allegedly mad at the bait-and-switch, that’s for sure, especially three days before the scheduled announcement. To be fair, she hasn't said anything on social media in that vein.

Still, Caila’s fans on Twitter weren’t so happy about the switch.

As some of these Tweets (and many more unseen) ask Caila her relationship status, I have no doubt that she’s going to find herself in love soon. The Inquistr also reported that Caila may be headed to this summer’s season of Bachelor In Paradise , so there’s a possibility Caila will find someone to capture her heart there. You just never know with reality television — there’s always something interesting around the corner in Bachelor Nation.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC