'Bachelor' Couple Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Visit 'Good Morning America' & They Can't Wait To Be Normal

It's been a big week for Ben Higgins, and it's just getting started. On Monday night, we finally got to see Higgins propose to Lauren Bushnell on The Bachelor , and on After The Final Rose that followed the finale, they made their first public debut as a very happy couple after being in hiding for four months since the conclusion to the show was filmed. So what's next for them? During their Good Morning America appearance on Tuesday morning, it sounds like what Higgins and Bushell can't wait to start their new life together, especially since they no longer have to keep this huge secret.

And regardless of who you wanted Higgins to pick, you can't deny that this is a gorgeous couple. Now that the pressure of hiding their relationship is off, they seemed happy and relieved as they handed out roses to the GMA crowd — because of course they did. After sitting down to talk about their engagement with the show, it seems like so far, things between them are going really well, and what they're looking forward to most is being a normal couple. Well, as normal as two people who met on reality TV and got engaged after a long series of rose ceremonies can be, anyway.

They also shared a few fun facts they've learned about each other after spending so much time together, and it's actually pretty cute. Higgins says he hadn't realized that Bushnell makes really awesome breakfast sandwiches, and Bushnell says Higgins is a morning person and she is not, and that's been the biggest adjustment for them. So I'm guessing these breakfast sandwiches are actually brunch sandwiches? I can get on board with that.

I'm still mad at Higgins for that double "I love you" move, but it's hard to hold a grudge when he and Bushnell seem so happy together. Fingers crossed they actually make it down the aisle! We need someone to bring up that Bachelor batting average, and if these early interviews are any indication, they might just be the ones to do it.

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC