Fashion Blogger Crystalin Marie Shows Us San Francisco

It's not hard to fall devastatingly in love with San Francisco. From the amazing food, to the pleasant weather, to the aura of chill, it has everything that instantly hooks people. (Think of all your friends who visit once and suddenly have an overwhelming desire to move there.) Some folks, like fashion blogger Crystalin An (known to the internet as Crystalin Marie), actually make good on they SF promises. Taking things a step further, she turned her California dreams into a side project that blossomed into a business.

In her own words, Crystalin Marie is "a fashion and lifestyle destination that covers topics related to fashion, personal style, and bits and pieces of [her] life." With a wardrobe of neutrals, classic pieces, and more economical items, she has the fashionable, unfussy city uniform down to a fine art. Inspired by a move to SF in 2009, she started her blog as a way to document her fascination with her new home. By 2012, this humble art project matured into her full-time gig. Eventually, her husband joined the business and it became a family affair. With the growth of her business, she's relocated to Portland. Still, her affection for San Francisco, and her love for style, haven't changed.

We teamed up with H&M to get the lowdown on San Francisco from Crystalin herself, complete with a photo shoot of her favorite places in the Bay Area. Here's a guide to her style (and life) philosophy.

1. Springtime In This Town Is Superior

"When temperatures start to warm up in spring, you can fully enjoy all the beautiful parks and quaint neighborhoods. There’s so much charm in San Francisco, so just to be outside, picnic, or dine al fresco is awesome."

2. She Knows How To Make The Most Out Of A Saturday

"My perfect Saturday starts with coffee, then to the Ferry Building Farmers Market. I'd grab lunch at Tacolicious on Chestnut, and then head down by the water to take in views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Next, I'd meet up with friends at Fort Mason Park to enjoy the weather and play lawn games. Capping things off, I'd grab drinks and appetizers at Mamacita, and finally, dinner at A16."

3. Casual Is Key

"The city keeps my style casual. You’re always on your feet in San Francisco, and the weather can go from warm and sunny to overcast and windy within 20 minutes. You have to always be prepared, so I’ll add an extra layer and most oftentimes I’m in flats or sneakers."

4. In Three Words, Her City Is...

"Healthy, techie, lively."

5. This Spring, She Can't Wait To Wear...

"In anticipation of warmer weather, I’ve been stocking up on cropped flare jeans and off-the-shoulder tops. These jeans are the perfect wash for spring and I love the lace detail on this top."

6. She Makes Sure To Mind The Fog

"Always bring an extra layer. Karl the Fog is no joke."

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Images: Crystalin An (3); Fotolia (3)