The One 'Gilmore Girls' Wedding Theory You Haven't Considered But Makes Perfect Sense

Are you sitting down? Because there's some huge Gilmore Girls information heading your way right now, and I want you to be prepared. If you aren't as plugged into the latest and greatest Gilmore Girl news as you'd like to be, then let me delight you with what could be a hugely influential piece to the romance puzzle of Gilmore Girls' revival: There might be a Gilmore Girls wedding. Recently, Instagram user jmckami1 found a prop on the Gilmore Girls set clearly labeled "wedding" during a Warner Brothers Studio tour. Lucky — and observant! — lady.

OK, but who is the soon-to-be-married couple in question? Does Rory have some impending nuptials in her storyline? With all three of her exes set to return, it's a possibility. Then again, it's been confirmed that Rory is single at the start of the revival, so things would have to move pretty fast if this were to happen. Or what about Lorelai and Luke? Do these two soul mates finally make their way down the aisle? Or should I say, under the chuppah? Sure, all of these matrimonies are possible, but I have an alternate theory for you that might make even more sense. What if the Gilmore Girls wedding is just a fantasy sequence? Like, a bad (or good!) dream that one of the girls can't wake up from?

View the prop below, and let's discuss in further detail.

As any diehard Gilmore Girls fan knows, the show has used dream and fantasy sequences before — especially when it comes to Luke and Lorelai. In the first episode of Season 3, Lorelai and Luke shared their first on-screen kiss during a dream sequence. In it, the pair was a happy, fast-talking couple, and, oh yeah, pregnant with twins. At this point in the series, Lorelai and Luke were not an item, and they had certainly never confessed having feelings toward each other. But all signs pointed to the obvious fact that, as Rory (i.e. the dream doctor) put it, Lorelai secretly loved Luke and wanted his babies.

Now, I should confess something. I don't subscribe to the idea that, because it's been nine years, Lorelai and Luke should be married by now. Mostly because Lorelai and Luke don't seem to subscribe to "how things should be done" in general. To bet on them being married by now would be a disservice to the inner workings of their complex and layered relationship.

Remember for instance, the other dream sequence that involved Luke and Lorelai? In Season 5, Episode 14, Lorelai dreamed that she and Luke were watching a movie. Of themselves. Of her specifically, being unresponsive to Luke's openness and commitment to their relationship.

These dreams seem like a way for Lorelai to work through the anxieties in her love life, be they untapped feelings or unease over the future. I think it would be fair to assume that, even after nine years, the couple still has their ups, downs, and uncertainties. It's Luke and Lorelai after all — the road has never been easy for them. Perhaps they initially decided marriage wasn't necessary, or maybe they came to that conclusion a few years into their relationship, or maybe (I am already sorry for this) they aren't even together right now. Maybe Lorelai has to dream about what a wedding with Luke would actually look like before she can commit or realize it's what she wants/doesn't want.

All this aside, I'm not ruling out the possibility that if this wedding is a dream or fantasy sequence it could also be Rory's. It could even be something similar to the first dream Lorelai had about Luke. Something that will spark a revelation in Rory, and give her some clarity on which — if any — ex-boyfriend she chooses to be with. Dreams have a funny way of letting you know what you really want, especially when you're standing in your own way. Like mother, like daughter.

Images: Warner Brothers Television