14 Signs Your Friend Is Turning Into Your BFF

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We all have a BFF. It's basically an evolutionary trait that human beings developed in order to deal with the crap that gets thrown our way — century after century. Do you really think we could have survived the Black Plague as a species, if we didn't all have BFFs to talk things through? I sure don't! But while we enjoy having our best friends around us at all times, we barely remember how we became that close in the first place. In my mind, I was always very close with my best friends, but now that I got started thinking about it I really only met them my freshman year of high school. So how did we become so close?

I think it always starts with a very awkward first encounter. Someone says something really weird, or you accidentally knock into them on the way to your desk. You slowly learn that you don't hate that person's company and as the days pass, you trust them more and more. For me, it was sitting next to my friend Emilia in a history class. We both noticed a long-haired boy sitting behind us — a hoodie basically covering his entire face. He barely talked and was a little spooky (he became a close friend later on in the year). Because we were both nervous, one of us started talking to the other and the rest is history. We sat next to each other for an entire year and soon were sleeping over at each other's houses. But the journey to best-friend-dom was not an easy one. There were many steps and levels. This is a list of signs that your regular friend is turning into your BFF.

Pigging Out Is Second Nature

Instead of being nervous that your habit of directly dunking hotdogs into a tub of ketchup will be judged — you freely pig out in front of your friend on a daily basis. Slumber parties become reasons to buy out local bodegas. Friends who eat gross stuff together, stay together.

You Don't Feel Weird About Texting Them Random GIFs

You might hesitate when sending a regular friend that GIF of a baby slipping on ice, but you never second guess yourself when it comes to your bestie. They need to know what you think if funny, even when it is out of context.

You Don't Need Permission To Grab Things In Their Kitchen

You become so comfortable around them that you do not need permission to grab yourself a glass of water. That fridge door is your fridge door. Just make sure to not take advantage of this too much. After all, they're your friend, not a grocery store.

You Can Fart Around Them

This is a really big one. The moment you fart around your friend and you both laugh, is the moment you know you are basically going to buy a timeshare in Florida together. It is the ultimate sign of being comfortable about another person.

You Will Drive Them To The Airport

A task reserved for the closest of friends, picking someone up from the airport or dropping them off, is rite of passage for any friendship. It's a hassle — so if someone does this for you they really love you.

The Gifts You Get Them Are Super Personal

With regular, run-of-the-mill friends, you don't try as hard to get them something nice as a gift. With a best friend, the rules are totally different. Your goal is to get them to cry or feel emotions they haven't felt in years. Nostalgia, happiness and warmth are your go-to ideas. It will all be worth it for the giant bear hug your gift will inspire.

You Can Be Totally Honest

Nothing is off limits. You will be as honest about their clothes, choices, significant others and goals as you would with a family member. Your love is unconditional and can be blunt AF.

They Have The Opinion You Respect Most

Sure, other people might tell you things that you listen to, but a true best friend's opinion comes before all. You are always sure that they have your best interests at heart.

When They Visit It Doesn't Send You Into A Panic

Instead of waking up in a cold sweat over the thought of them visiting you, a best friend will calm you down and excite you. You love entertaining your bestie and you know it won't be tough to please someone who you know better than anyone else.

You Get Upset If They Cancel Plans On You Last Minute

With other people, cancelled plans are a sign that you get an extra hour of sleep on the weekends. With a best friend it's a missed opportunity to have an amazing time. You actually mind when they cancel on you because you were looking forward to their company all week.

You Pick Off Their Plate With No Problem

Just like with a fridge, a plate is meant to be shared. No questions needed.

You Pay For Their Things

With a best friend you know they will pay you back. If not, they will buy the next round on them. That's a real friendship.

You Describe Sex In Graphic Detail To Each Other

You might hesitate to describe your last escapades to a friend. Your best friend knows just how long, with whom, and how many times.

You Know Their Entire Family

Unlike your other friends, you are on first name basis with cousins, aunts and uncles. You know everyone's story and are basically part of the family. That might be because you've been on each other's family vacations so many times you've lost count.

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