When Will 'Colony' Return For Season 2? 7 Shows To Tide You Over Until Then

Is there any such thing as too much Josh Holloway? That's a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is unequivocally no. And yet, ever since Lost went off the air, there's been a Sawyer-esque sized hole in my heart. Well, not anymore. Thanks to the successful debut of USA's latest extraterrestrial drama Colony , we've gotten to see the actor shine on the small screen once more — and it's going to stay that way for at least another year. Colony has been renewed for a second season by the network, proving that the show's talent really is out of this world. (Sorry, I had to.) But when exactly will Colony return for Season 2? For now, that is a question with no clear-cut answer.

Given that the show is currently wrapping up its first season, it's a little early for USA to announce where/when Colony will fit into their future TV lineup. However, networks tend to be creatures of habit and develop scheduling patterns, which means there's a good chance that Colony Season 2 will return around the same time as its Season 1 debut, thereby placing the release in mid-January 2017. And while that definitely feels like a billion years from now, I figure the best way to take our minds off of the forthcoming hiatus is to engross ourselves in another exciting series. Here are the best shows you should watch in order to satiate your Colony blues.


Josh Holloway in all his hunky glory? Check. Paranormal-like beings that make you question everything? Check, check. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat until the bitter. In fact, you'll be so preoccupied with trying to figure out that ending, you'll forget you were even missing Colony in the first place.

2. The 100

Much like Colony, this is a show about survival and how far people will go to get it. Battle lines will be drawn and allegiances will be tested, resulting in some truly fantastic television that will easily become your new obsession.

3. American Horror Story: Asylum

Ryan Murphy loves to dabble in the world of paranormal and extraterrestrial activity. And while the alien side plot of Asylum was admittedly a little random, it'll still give you a taste of the suspense that comes with exploring the unknown.

4. The Walking Dead

Because the only thing that's arguably more intriguing that an alien invasion is a zombie apocalypse.

5. Fringe

Two words: Joshua Jackson. (Need I say more?)

6. The X-Files

Does anyone delve deeper into the extraterrestrial terrain more than FBI agents Scully and Mulder? I think not, which is why this series will make you feel right at home and develop an ever greater appreciation for the science fiction realm.

7. Doctor Who

Considering that the Doctor is an alien himself, this iconic series will give you an up-close look of the many wonders that exist not just in outer space, but throughout time itself. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll never look at a police box the same way again.

So go ahead and miss Colony as much of you want, but with these shows to keep you company, January won't seem quite as far away.

Images: USA Network; Giphy (7)