The One Thing To Never Do When Washing Your Makeup Brushes, No Matter What

By now, I hope you've invested in at least one go-to makeup brush. While Picasso could probably create a masterpiece with a blunt Crayon, the rest of us can get a leg up on our makeup artistry by choosing the right tools. Beyond using them, however, one must remember to take care of them properly. Here's the one thing to never do when washing your makeup brushes, no matter what.

You can wash your makeup brushes in a million ways. You can choose a plain 'ol bar of antibacterial soap, you can DIY an all-natural recipe, or you can shell out some cash for a fancy makeup brush solution. As far as how often, there are lots options, too. You can wash them after every application or choose to do it once a week. And then there's the technique: You can scrub your brushes by hand, or even use a fancy glove. But you cannot ever wash your brush handle, despite what the Internet may have told you.

The handle of your brush needs to stay away from water at all costs, so focus on wetting the brush bristles only when you're cleaning them. Why? The metal part of the brush, also known as the ferrule, contains the glue and string that binds the brushes and the brush handle together. If the ferrule gets wet, the glue and binding and fall apart and cause the bristles to shed. Not to mention, the moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow down there. Gross, right?

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So let's vow to never soak our brush handles. Deal? Of course, the handle itself is still a pretty dingy place that definitely needs routine cleaning, just as often as you clean your bristles. Your hands are always transferring bacteria to and from the handle. But instead of putting it under water, try cleaning the brush handle with a makeup remover wipe.

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After washing the bristles and wiping down the handle, be sure to hang your brushes upside down so the water doesn't settle into the brush and wreak havoc. Grab an affordable brush hanger, or lay your brushes flat on a towel to dry completely.

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Now that you know, let's pinky promise each other you'll never submerge those handles into a soapy bath!

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