How Hanna Could Be The 'PLL' Twin

Sometimes, the best part of Pretty Little Liars is subscribing to over-the-top theories, especially when they turn out to be right. It's kind of like the TV equivalent of betting on the dark horse. So, let's explore our long shot options for the Season 6 finale's big mystery. Right now, my favorite out-there yet still plausible theory is that Hanna has the twin on Pretty Little Liars.

Continuing on with the gambling metaphor, Mrs. DiLaurentis is the current safe bet. Thanks to Ali's "vision" of her mother, Mrs. D is looking more and more like one potential half of a set of twins. Similarly, the popular Sara Harvey/Bethany Young theory also has fairly good odds. Hanna having a twin would definitely come as more of a surprise, even if it's something some fans have spent years hoping for. After all, Hanna is much more integral to the story than either Mrs. D or Sara, which would make the reveal all the more exciting.

While it's definitely a long shot, possible evidence that Hanna is the Rosewood resident with a twin has been mounting for years now and fuel was added to the fire when the promo for the finale suggested that Hanna was the only one not present when the other Liars found out about the secret twin, which could certainly be a clue. The hosts of Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, also have some twin theories that you can listen to below.

There's also evidence that goes farther back. Fans have long been suspicious of Hanna — in fact, much of the twin speculation first originated during the Season 2 flashback Halloween special, "The First Secret" (aka The One Where Ali Told That Creepy Story About Twins). The gist of the story was, there were two blonde twins and one brutally stabbed the other to death with a kitchen knife over a doll.

The twins have long been the subject of much speculation, often centering Bethany, Sara, and Ali, but they might just be a big Hanna clue. After all, Hanna was there when Ali told the creepy story, and like the twins and the other three aforementioned girls, she happens to be blonde.

Besides, that's not all that links the creepy ringleted twins to Hanna. The murdered twin from the pair also made an appearance in Season 3's "This Is A Dark Ride" and guess who she visited? Hanna's own mom, Ashley Marin. It's not hard evidence, but it's definitely suspicious that the Marin family seems to be the target of a lot of the unexplained twin appearances.

Plus, as long as we're touching on all the Halloween specials, it's also worth noting that Hanna had what at first appeared to be a twin run-in in "Grave New World" (the Ravenswood crossover), though it was later revealed to be a mother and daughter.

Now, just to play devil's advocate, it's worth pointing out that it's somewhat unlikely that Ashley Marin would abandon or give up one of her twin daughters. After all, how could someone like Hanna's ride-or-die, ultra-protective single mom split up a pair of twins? Still, there are a few ways to explain this away. Perhaps Hanna's twin is presumed dead (hey, we all know how much PLL loves a good resurrection). There's also the possibility that Hanna herself is adopted and her parents didn't even know she had a twin.

Hopefully, everyone — including fans — will know the truth by the end of the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 finale.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform; wrenischarles/Tumblr