The Single Quote From Donald Trump’s March 15 Speech That Should Really Scare You

After major victories in the Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina primaries (and while the jury was still out on Missouri), GOP frontrunner Donald Trump gave a speech to his supporters Tuesday night, focusing on how to make America great again — as usual. Although the businessman touted much of the same rhetoric America has heard from him over and over again, one quote from Trump's Super Tuesday 3 speech should really scare you, if his entire campaign hasn't already, that is. The Republican is known for making unabashedly sexist, racist, and just plain offensive comments, but this one has terrifying implications for equality — or lack thereof — in America.

"We're gonna make our county rich again," the real estate tycoon promised his supporters. "We're gonna make our country great again, and we need the rich in order to make the great." While a Democrat would argue that we need the rich's tax dollars to make America great, this statement sounds more like a promise to stand up for the rich's interests coming from the Republican. As a billionaire himself, Trump obviously wants to protect his and his friends' fortunes. On top of simply cozying up to his wealthy friends, this could have detrimental implications for economic equality. While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continue to talk about the need for income equality, the GOP frontrunner is talking about how much he loves America's wealthiest class.

For those already worried about what a Trump presidency would do to the nation, his loyalty to defending the rich is one more issue to add to the list of concerns. This isn't to say that presidential candidates should attack the rich and run them out of the country, but they should want to improve the lives of struggling Americans, not just build up a great economy that continues to benefit the top 1 percent.