This Is How Much Laser Hair Removal Costs

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The struggle of shaving is seriously real, and while you can get away with going a little longer between shaves in the winter, come beach season, that is not happening (unless, of course, you're about that natural hair life). Laser hair removal seems like a great idea, in theory, but there's that one catch — cost. However, if you're wondering how much laser hair removal costs, you might be surprised to find out that it's actually somewhat affordable. Think of all that time you've wasted shaving...

Depending on the person, hair can grow in places that we just wish it wouldn't, and if that's not a standard shaving spot (like above your lip, for example), then you might find yourself going in for waxing all too often. And that's not only painful, but the cost also adds up over time, so investing in laser hair removal might not be the worst idea.

Let's get down to the important question: What's it going to cost you? It's going to range depending on where you go, but according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair treatments in the US is $429. It varies, however, depending on the size of the region you want treated. Small areas (upper lip, hands, underarms) can start around $50 per session, medium areas (arms upper or lower, bikini, lower back) can start around $75, large areas (full arms, butt, shoulders) can start at $95, and full areas (full back and shoulders, full legs, full chest) can start at $150.

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It should be noted, though, that these are rates for a single session, and often you can need multiple sessions. Luckily, many places offer bundles and packages to help bring the cost down and save you a percentage of the overall price.

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