21 Things Lisa Vanderpump Spends Her Money On

I feel like I'm always fantasizing about being super rich, but truthfully I don't know how I would handle it. I couldn't even imagine what I would spend my money on once I got to a certain point of wealth, so I have no idea how some of the Real Housewives keep finding inventive ways to spend their millions. The one lady I am especially curious about is Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa Vanderpump is the richest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and supposedly has a net worth of $65 million — of course that is according to Celebrity Net Worth, so we'll have to take that exact figure with a grain of salt. Still, when you look at Vanderpump's many businesses (multiple restaurants, her own line of sangria, two Bravo shows) and the fact that her home is basically Disneyland for adults, that figure doesn't sound all that unlikely. It sounds like a dream come true, but what does it really mean to have that much money? What does Lisa even spend her money on?

Sure, she does the typical rich people activities of spending money on multiple mansions, buying designer clothes, and getting beauty treatments — but what else is Lisa buying? Hey, $65 million is nothing to mess around with. You can really do a lot with that, and I have been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the very beginning so I know that Lisa is anything but cheap when it comes to living out her majestic existence.

Here's where all the money goes.

1. Pets

It seems like LVP is always welcoming a new pet into her home. I have no idea how she keeps track of them all or how her husband, Ken Todd, keeps up with it, but when it's all said and done the money she spends to own and take care of these pets is very generous. I would hate to think about the fate of these animals if Lisa did not take them in.

2. Private Jet Membership

Lisa is such a boss. It is not at all surprising that she would have a SetJet membership to fly on private planes when she travels.

3. Alcohol

Lisa is always down for a good time. From rosé to sangria to vodka, Lisa usually has some kind of drink in her hand. I would love to see what her liquor cabinet looks like. It's probably more equipped than a liquor store.

4. Pink Flowers

If you follow Lisa on Instagram or watch the show, then you know that her massive mansion is filled with so many pink flowers. And why not? If I had that much money to burn through, I would be getting fresh flowers on the daily.

5. Tea

Not only is Lisa sipping the tea when it comes to sharing hot gossip on RHOBH, but she is usually inviting the ladies over for afternoon tea. She is British after all.

6. Charitable Donations

Lisa is a very philanthropic person. Not only does she provide her time to many charities, but she is also putting her money where her mouth is as a consistent donor for Keep Memory Lane, GLAAD, American Humane Society, and many other organizations.

7. Struggling Entertainer Paychecks

Sadly, none of the SUR staff/Vanderpump Rules stars really seem to be hitting it big with their acting or singing aspirations. Thankfully, Vanderpump has them employed even though they hardly ever show up for work and contribute more drama than productivity.

8. Pet Housing

Lisa just isn't going to let her various pets roam around in her backyard. Of course, the mini horses have their own custom miniature house. When you already have multiple mini horses, it's definitely not outrageous to hook them up with housing.

9. Stassi's Sex Tape Blackmail Fee

Apparently Stassi was being blackmailed for $900 to get rid of her solo sex tape. Lisa, being the angel that she is, paid it off. I would be super grateful if I was Stassi, but also kind of offended that the blackmailer only valued my sex tape at $900.

10. Pump Uniforms

Even though these super hot men are barely clothed, Lisa did pay to cover certain body parts with these uniforms. In this case, less is definitely more, and I'm sure that Lisa is getting a great return on this investment.

11. Statement Hats

She wears them well, so I totally get why she's bought so many.

12. Vet Bills

With all those pets on her property, I can't even imagine how much Lisa spend on trips to the vet. It has to amount to an insane amount of money.

13. Jewels

I would be in complete shock if I ever saw Vanderpump sans jewelry. She is always decked out with diamonds and pearls and I wouldn't have it any other way.

14. Pedicures

Who doesn't want to indulge in regular pedicures? We all know that Lisa can more than afford any pampering session.

15. Makeup

I think Lisa would be gorgeous on her own without any cosmetic help, but since she can afford it, I don't blame her for buying (what I assume to be) high quality makeup.

16. Personalized Cookies

Lisa is the only one who could get away with having personalized cookies with her own face on them. These are just the perfect level of over-the-top Vanderpump.

17. Her Staff's Engagement Parties

Lisa has to be the most generous boss of all time. Not only does she put up with her staff paying more attention to drama than doing their jobs, but she also funds their milestone events. Lisa hosted engagement parties for Scheana Marie and Mike Shay, and Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. And with the way these people drink, I'm sure the open bar came at a pretty pricey fee.

18. Eyebrow Touch-Ups

Eyebrows are everything and this is something that my girl, LVP, understands. Her eyebrows always look amazing and that is something to be envied.

19. High Heels

Have you ever seen Vanderpump wearing flats? It's a pretty rare sight, unless there is some sort of athletic situation going on. Lisa is literally and figuratively above everyone in her heels.

20. Restaurants

While I'm wasting all of my disposable income on restaurant food, LVP is buying actual restaurants. As of this moment, Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd own 26 restaurants and bars. So Lisa is spending money on these restaurants to ultimately make even more money.

21. Contributions To Jax's Nose Jobs

If you watch Vanderpump Rules, you know that Lisa's employee Jax Taylor has gotten his nose done a million times. Maybe he got some kind of discount from giving publicity to the plastic surgeons, but I bet that some of that work was paid for from some SUR shifts. And if you think about it, any discount that Jax received would have to do with his minor fame from being on the show anyway, which wouldn't be possible if Lisa didn't employee him.

If only I had that kind of money to throw around. It really seems like Vanderpump is living the life. Is it too late for me to get adopted? Or should I apply for a job at SUR instead?

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