A Willy Wonka-Like Chocolate Factory Is Opening Universal Studios

Turns out all your childhood dreams are coming true — a Willy Wonka-esque chocolate factory is opening at Universal Studios, and from what has been circulating about it so far, it's going to be nothing short of epic. The restaurant has the same goal as many of the other attractions at Universal Studios — to bring a kid's (and, uh, an adult's....) fantasy to life. What we know so far is limited, but it's just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth until we can visit the place for ourselves.

According to the official site, the Toothsome Chocolate Factory will transport visitors into a 19th century-inspired steampunk chocolate factory complete with all the bells and whistles you'd guess: towering smoke stacks, funky gadgets, and a totally in-costume staff. (What about Oompa Loompas?!)

Interestingly enough, there's no licensing between the restaurant or the Chocolate Factory films, which would mean that it's only "inspired" rather than truly recreated. Either way, from what we can see, it seems more inspired by the 2005 version with Johnny Depp than the 1971 original version. It seems we may have to wait for the lickable wallpaper, but in the meantime we've got plenty to look forward to, if the renderings of the project are anything to go by.

Universal says the restaurant will serve "unique twists on classic steak, seafood and pasta entrees, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, incredible salads, all-day brunch and so much more," and though there are no sundaes that will turn you into a blueberry, there is a lineup of very intricate desserts and milkshakes.

The restaurant is going to be opening sometime later this year at Universal CityWalk, adjacent to the park, which means that you don't have to pay for an admissions ticket just to eat there. Check out more of the ridiculously delicious photos below, and brace yourself: in only a few months, you could be eating in a chocolate factory, too!

The Main Dining Area

A Sample Of The Desserts

The Factory In All Its Glory

Keep your fingers crossed for a Golden Ticket! Or, at the very least, a plane ticket to Orlando.

Images: Courtesy of Universal Studios