Um, Juan Pablo Wants To Go On 'The Bachelorette'

File this under: "Well, this was unexpected, but actually maybe not that unexpected at all." Though fans have left the abject horror that was Juan Pablo Galavis' train wreck season of The Bachelor behind, the leading man wants to remind everyone that he is most certainly still here, and he's still watching. And, Juan Pablo hinted that he'd join JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, which would lead to basically every Bachelor fan's worst nightmare... MORE JUAN PABLO. *Shudders*

Juan Pablo is no stranger to scrutiny, having faced much-deserved criticism for his actions on his season towards the women he was courting, among other things. One would think that the backlash he has received would curb his questionable social media proclamations, but it seems that he either purposely doesn't care what his opposition thinks, or is just oblivious. After watching the outcome of the most recent season of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo took it upon himself to share his opinions on the runner-up and 2016 Bachelorette, JoJo, in the best way he knows how to express himself: Via Twitter and random capitalized words. And, get this, Bachelor Nation, Juan Pablo could want back on the show now that JoJo is the Bachelorette after all.

While I personally enjoyed Juan Pablo's season in an "I hate you, but I can't stop watching" kind of way, he is the last person I would endorse to reappear on The Bachelorette. While it was cute to bring Becca back for Ben's season, and it was... something... to have Nick Viall pop back into ours and Kaitlyn's lives on her season of The Bachelorette, having Juan Pablo reappear on the franchise, though likely a ratings goldmine, just shouldn't happen. Although there is some small, sadistic part of me wants to see JoJo unleash some Texas fire on JP and his womanizing ways, I think it would just be better to say "Ees not OK" to this line of thought.

Since JoJo's season will start filming shortly after the finale of The Bachelor, the 24-year-old real estate developer from Dallas will soon begin her own quest for love. It's unclear what Juan Pablo has been doing in his free time since he last appeared on The Bachelor (tweeting, growing his hair out, IDK), but I truly hope that he abstains from inserting himself back into Bachelor Nation. JoJo can certainly do much better than having a repeat offender on her show, and, while it would undoubtedly get the attention of viewers, let's hope that the producers can rise above the ratings for this one. I'm Team JoJo for life, y'all — and JP should NOT be apart of that picture.

Image: Martha Sorren/Bustle