Juan Pablo Said the Worst Thing to Andi Dorfman

Bachelor Nation still hasn't gotten over Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's breakup. It was sad to learn that the Altanta-based couple wasn't going to be a Bachelorette success story. But while fans expressed their sorrow on social media, Juan Pablo Galavis posted the worst comment in response to Andi's breakup. I guess he doesn't have the capability of feeling sorry or sad because he's an all-around terrible person.

The former Bachelor took to Twitter on Monday to voice his lack of compassion, retweeting Andi and literally telling her "Its OK," [sic] which he knows was her least favorite phrase of his. Even worse was that he hijacked her own post and turned it into something negative. She had originally posted a picture of herself talking about how she missed her Bachelor friends (who had stopped by to cheer her up earlier that week), and how she was using a new app to stay connected with them.

Juan Pablo saw this tweet (he must have been intentionally Twitter-stalking her because he doesn't follow her), and decided he needed to throw in his two cents. He retweeted her picture and added "Its OK" [sic] followed by three of those crying/laughing emojis and one tongue-sticking-out emoji.

If that's not the most insensitive way to respond to anyone's breakup, I don't know what is. But it's a million times worse considering he and Andi also used to date, and the fact that she also happens to hate that stupid trademark phrase of his.

I don't know whether he was trying to get a rise out of her, or just trying to make a (really bad) joke. But if he hadn't already, he's officially cemented himself as the worst member of the Bachelor family. Let's hope Andi just ignores his dumb comment and continues her healing process with plenty of friendship, booze, and Taylor Swift. Because who needs boys when you have your girls?

Image: Martha Sorren