'The Hills' Star Audrina Patridge Is Having A Girl, So Let's Hope She Doesn't Name Her Justine

Just like her former The Hills co-star Kristin Cavallari, who gave birth to her third child, Saylor James, in November 2015, Audrina Patridge is having a girl with her fiancé Corey Bohan. The former reality star announced the exciting news on her blog Wednesday and it's clear 30-year-old Patridge is beyond excited to have a daughter. As she wrote,

You guys have no idea how hard this has been to keep my mouth shut, but we are finally ready to reveal the gender of our little munchkin! Don’t worry, I’ll get right to the point… We are thrilled to announce that we will be welcoming a sweet little GIRL into our family in July!

Patridge revealed she and Bohan were expecting their first child in December 2015. Now, they are in full baby planning mode, especially when it comes to names. "Corey and I can’t wait to meet our baby girl, and we can’t thank you enough for your support," she wrote on her blog. "It truly means the world!" Regarding names, she added at the end of her post, "Now, onto the name… We are open to suggestions!"

I mean, if she is "open to suggestions," don't mind if I do. This is one opportunity I just can't pass up.

But, rather than offering Patridge names she should use, there are a few she most definitely should avoid.

Any Of Her Hills Co-Stars' Names


Seeing as her days on MTV's The Hills are behind her, Patridge shouldn't name her baby after any of her co-stars. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of cute name suggestions, like Lauren, Heidi, Frankie, Kristin, and even Spencer. But, her daughter deserves a fresh start. Plus, it would just be weird if she named her baby after anyone featured on The Hills.

Any Of Her Exes, Especially Justin Bobby


I'm pretty sure Patridge would never name her child after an ex, especially since she is set to marry someone else. However, just in case, let's hope she does not decide to use "Justine" for her baby girl, because that is way too close to Justin Bobby.

Any Names Already Used By Her Friends


Let's also hope Patridge doesn't decide to use a name that one of her friends or former co-stars have already nabbed. I'm not sure how Cavallari would feel if Patridge used Saylor or if she liked the name Isabella, which happens to be the name of Frankie Delgado's daughter.

And those are just a few, but if Patridge needs anymore help, she knows where to find me.

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