How Much Does Color Melting Cost? The Trend Comes At A Price

In the world of beauty, new hair trends are constantly popping onto our radar. From beautiful balyages to intricate baby lights, it seems as if there is sometime new to drool over each week. My new favorite hair color trend, color melting, is no exception. This technique involves using three or more hair colors to create a seamless, transitional effect. It's absolutely stunning, and looks great using almost any color gradient. However, before you rush off to the salon, you should be aware of a very real fact. Proper color melting won't come cheap.

According to, color melting can cost anywhere between $150 to $175 for the process. While it isn't cheap, there are many factors to go into the processing. From the stylist's time, experience, and cost per color bottle, there are a lot of influences to the price of the coloring. In short, you get what you pay for. If you're looking for show-stopping, Instagram-worthy hair color, then it's going to come with a price to match. While this might not fit everyone's budget, you have to remember that you're indulging yourself in a luxurious experience. Wondering what color melting can look like? Here are a few examples of color melting, and how it can look on a variety of hair colors.

1. Blushing Brunette

This is a great example of how many tones go into color melting. Each layer of hair seems to pop with a different color tone. It's completely gorgeous, and definitely worthy of a selfie.

2. Ashy Blonde

Calling all beach babes! This is definitely the color for you. Transitioning from an ashy dark blonde to a shimmering white effect, this hair color is both natural and stunning.

3. Pastel

Brb, scheduling my next hair appointment.

How gorgeous are these hair colors? While they might not come cheap, they are definitely worth the splurge.