Jamie Lynn & Britney Spears’ Sweetest Sister Moments Show They Always Have Each Other's Back

Although she's arguably one of the biggest pop stars of this generation, Britney Spears remains humble and puts family first. Proving just how much she cares about her little sis, Britney surprised Jamie Lynn Spears at her show at the Grand Ole Opry Nashville by introducing the performance, along with their brother Bryan. They takes the stage and Brit describes the former Zoey 101 star as "this beautiful, young lady who is my heart and my soul." And the compliments continued, as she said, "Not only is she beautiful and extremely talented, she's my little sister...Jamie Lynn Spears!" Just when that was enough to make your heart burst, an emotional Jamie Lynn thanks her sister and seems utterly surprised. She said,

I can't believe that my whole family kept this secret from me. Now, I'm going to try to sing some songs for ya'll. I'm so honored to be at the Opry and I'm even more honored to be here with all the people that I love the most. And that's what this is about, you know?

It's seriously heartwarming and will make you want to call your siblings ASAP. Following in her big sister's footsteps, Jamie Lynn is focusing on her music right now and making a comeback. It's awesome — and nostalgia-inducing — to see these two up on the same stage. Part of me wishes they would've performed a duet together.

Since this isn't the only time these two were sisterly goals, here's a round-up of Britney and Jamie Lynn's sweetest sibling moments over the years.

1. Jamie Lynn's Concert

Grand Ole Opry on YouTube

In the video above, you'll get to see the heartwarming introduction mentioned earlier. Brit even shared an Instagram after of her and Bryan getting ready to surprise Jamie. The caption shows just how proud they are.

2. This Throwback

Did you know that Britney Day is an actual holiday? JL shared this photo to celebrate her sister's big day and acknowledges she's been celebrating Brit's existence since way back when.

3. 2002 Teen Choice Awards

BritneyFansSite on YouTube

It's a little grainy, but this video from when Jamie Lynn first came onto the TV scene is pretty hilarious. She's introducing an award when Britney tries to come to the rescue. But Jamie doesn't need her to — she holds her own against her big sis and jokingly says she may sell Brit's old bathtub photos on eBay.

4. All That Sketch

Jordan Blaine on YouTube

During her time on All That, Jamie Lynn starred in a skit with her sister. She refers to Britney as "blonde lightening" while dressed up as an old lady. It's nice that Brit took time to appear on her sister's show.

5. Thanksgiving

Although there's a giant Christmas tree, the caption shows that this family-filled photo is actually from Thanksgiving. It's sweet to see the whole group together with all their kids.

6. Selfies

It's crazy how much these two look alike! There also doesn't need to be a big occasion to show some sisterly love with a selfie — it can happen anytime.

7. Jamie Lynn's Wedding

In March 2014, Jamie tied the knot and of course her sister was right by her side on the big day.

8. More Concerts

This recent event at the Opry wasn't the only time Brit had her sister's back. Here's another selfie from when she went to see Jamie Lynn sing, along with all their kids.

As these examples prove, these two always have one another's back. Whether it's funny banter at award shows or selfies of support, Jamie and Brit both put their sister first.