It's Time We Catch Up With Jamie Lynn Spears

It's been a while since I checked in with some of my Nickelodeon favorites from back in the day, so I gotta ask — what is Jamie Lynn Spears doing now? Presumably, she's still Britney Spears' adorable little sister, but, beyond that, I'm not totally sure what she's up to these days. She's not on All That or Zoey 101 anymore, right? Answer: no she is not, and there's actually a reason you might need some updating on Spears' goings-ons these days. Spears took a little hiatus from the spotlight from about 2008 to 2013, so it's understandable that you might have lost track of her.

Our girl came back on the scene with a slight departure from her acting days. Her first single, called "How Could I Want More," was released in November 2013, and her country-tinged EP The Journey followed in May 2014. Oh, and Jamie Lynn was featured on Britney's album Britney Jean , specifically the song "Chillin' With You," which was a fun throwback for a lot of us. The last time the sisters had worked together like that was on the movie Crossroads in 2002, when Jamie Lynn played a younger version of Britney. (Remember Crossroads??)

Just to prove a little more that she's is serious about this country music thing, Spears also co-wrote the Jana Kramer song "I Got The Boy," which was released on Kramer's 2015 album Thirty One. So it sounds like Spears is really doing all the right things to ease into a legit country music career, and I kind of can't wait for her own full album to come out. She's supposedly working on new music now, and the only reason we haven't seen anything yet is because Spears got absorbed with doing live performances to promote The Journey. So fingers crossed we'll get some news on it soon.

But, before we get too impatient, let's not forget that Jamie Lynn Spears isn't your average 24-year old, either. she has a 7-year old daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, born in 2008, when Spears was just 16. Taking care of her daughter has gotta be a huge priority for her, and definitely sheds a little light on that five-year hiatus. Spears is also still a bit of a newlywed, having married businessman Jamie Watson in March 2014, and spends her spare time breaking up knife fights at her local Pita Grill. (Yes, really.)

Bottom line, Spears has definitely had a ton on her plate for the past few years, and, now that things are a little more ironed out, I'm hoping we might start to see (and hear!) a lot more of her.

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