How To Make Your Eyes Brighter

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Eyes might not really be the windows to the soul, but they're definitely one of the most magnetic features on our faces. Which is why it's good there are tricks for de-puffing and brightening them — because who really wants to walk around with a tired-looking, bleary section of their face?

And according to an article in Science Daily, research published in Ethology has shown that people with red eyes are considered sadder and unhealthier than people whose eyes are bright and clear. Additionally, an article in Scientific American reported that eye expression and eye gaze are some of the most important factors when it comes to social interactions — it's why we ask people to look us in the eye when we need to know if they're telling the truth, or why a lack of eye contact in general can be so bothersome.

Basically, our eyes are one of the first things other people notice about our faces — whether they are conscious of it or not. This means that fresh, bright-looking eyes don't just look nice, but they actively play a role in how we're perceived.

If you have an important event ahead and want to put your best foot forward, or you're just tired of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, here are nine tips for making your eyes look super bright:

1. Apply Something Cold

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If you wake up with puffy eyes and the puffiness doesn't go away within an hour, try applying something cold to your eye area. It "works wonders," said makeup artist Susie Sobel in a piece for Allure, noting that anything cold works, from cold cucumbers to veggies, or "even a bag of ice."

And according to, if puffy eyes in the morning is really a problem for you, try sleeping with your head elevated at night, as it will prevent fluid from pooling in the face.

2. Concealer Is Your Bestie

Sobel also noted that concealing under eye circles is one of the most important factors in brightening the eye area. She specifically recommended working with a shade slightly warmer than your natural skins shade to neutralize the blue and greenish undertones you're trying to cover.

I've also heard professional makeup artist say to always just use a shade that perfectly matches your skin, as if it's a quality product it should conceal everything underneath regardless of color, and then you'll have an even complexion in the end. My recommendation is to stop by Sephora and try out both options and just see what works best for you.

3. Go Light In The Corners

In a piece for Women's Health, New York City-based makeup artist M.J. Forte said to put a light eye shadow in the corners of your eyes closest to your nose as "it makes your eyes look bigger instantly." I personally like to stick to a tan shimmery shade for this region as opposed to a white, as it brightens without looking shocking. Jump to 2:55 of the above video for a quick how-to.

4. Highlight The Brow Bone

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Forte also recommended highlighting your brow bone — or the part of your eye just under the tail of your eye brow — to draw attention upward on the face. You can use the same eye shadow you use for the corner of your eyes or even a concealer if you happen to have one a little lighter than your natural skin color.

5. Use Blue Eyeliner

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In piece for Elle, Australian makeup guru Napoleon Perdis said to trace the lower lash line with a beige eye pencil, and the upper lash line with a blue one, as the contrast will make the whites of the eye appear brighter.

6. Use A Shimmery Shadow At The Center Of The Lid

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Perdis also said to use a shimmery neutral shadow right at the center of your eye lid. "It’s like switching a light onto the eye area,” he said. If you've already applied a matte eye shadow color, you can apply the shimmery one right on top.

7. Avoid Dark Eye Shadows

Makeup artist E.J Kim said to only use dark colors when lining the eye — never on the eye lid — when your aim is to brighten and enlarge. "I don't use dark shadows on the eyelid," she said. "Dark shadows make the eyes look sunken in." Instead stick to lighter, more shimmery hues.

8. Use White Eyeliner

Eva Wiseman, commissioning editor for The Guardian's Beauty section, highly recommended white eye liner for an super awake, well-rested, and open-eyed look. She specifically recommended lining your lower water line with it.

9.) Nude Lip

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This is a personal tip that I've also read in a variety of places over the years — if you want your eyes to be the true main focus of your face, then it's usually good to tone down the lip area, as bold, bright lips will serve as a distraction and focus visual attention lower down on your face.

There's no need for tired or bleary-looking eyes when there are so many super easy makeup hacks to kick the problem in the butt. Just make sure you have some lighter and shimmery hues, as well as some solid concealer, and you'll start seeing a world of difference.

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