Hacks For Avoiding Wine Stains On Your Teeth

To quote myself in this video you're about to watch: "Red wine is great. Red wine stains on your teeth are not." As a red wine megafan and, apparently, someone with super absorbent teeth and lips, the internal debate about whether I should drink my favorite beverage at a party and risk ending up with a purple mouth or skip it for a drink that's less delicious but more transparent is one I have weekly. There are loads of hacks for removing or preventing those pesky stains — so we put 'em to the test.

While a couple methods might make you feel just as silly (if not sillier) than you did with the burgundy lips, it's not all bad in stain-free land. In fact, it's pretty excellent — because one of the hacks is cheese. I never thought I could love cheddar more than I do already, but apparently it's even more of a miracle than we ever imagined.

If you've been searching for a way to have your wine and drink it too without getting stains all over your teeth and lips, then check out the clip below for five hacks that actually work. Then, subscribe to Bustle on YouTube for even more videos like these.