The 'Allegiant' End-Credits Song Will Be Your New Favorite Tove Lo Track

"What didn't kill us made us stronger" wouldn't make a bad tagline for the entire Divergent series. That lyric repeats in the song that plays over the ending credits of Allegiant, making it a fitting soundtrack to the beginning of the conclusion of the franchise. ( Ascendant is coming in 2017.) The Allegiant end credits song is "Scars" by Tove Lo, and it was released especially for the film.

Tove Lo is probably best known for her pulsating pop singles "Talking Body" and "Habits (Stay High)," but the Swedish singer-songwriter also made her mark on a few films before getting the Allegiant gig. The artist's combination of haunting vocals and modern electro-beats make her a perfect fit for the moody, introspective albums that usually accompany post-apocalyptic YA fiction adaptations. Case in point: Tove Lo appears on the Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones soundtrack in the song "Strangers" with Seven Lions & Myon & Shane 54. As a solo artist, she recorded "Scream My Name" for the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 album. Basically, if a producer needs to set the sonic stage for teenagers raging against a new world order, Tove Lo should be one of her first calls.

"Scars" is the only vocal track featured on the Allegiant soundtrack alongside the original film score by composer Joseph Trapanese. The album is available on Amazon for $12.49 and on iTunes for $12.99. "Scars" can also be purchased as a single or streamed on Spotify. Obviously, preparation for the release of Allegiant on Mar 18 should include a rewatch of Divergent and Insurgent and some healthy internet worship of Theo James. But add a few listens of this expressive track, and it'll put you in the right headspace (and heartspace!) to bid a fond farewell to Tris, Four, and the rest of the Divergent gang, at least for now.

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"I love the contrast of having happier [beats], something you can dance your tears away to," Tove Lo told GQ about the contradiction between her really-real lyrics and upbeat instrumentation. "You can feel the lyrics and the dark and sad but if you combine it with [the melody], [it] brings a little to the dark humor as well." "Scars" fits in with the rest of the artist's catalog, in that respect. Check out this cheerful verse from the Allegiant song.

Scars we carryCarry with memories, memories burned by the darkTry to see clearlyTears we buryBury in vain cause the pain got us falling apartTry to see clearly

To be fair, the rest of the song isn't quite as depressing. "Scars" makes a case for owning your pain. More than that, the song makes a case for sharing that pain, and for taking it day-by-day. The heroes of the Divergent series haven't had it easy: loss, torture, sacrifice — I could go on. But those are risks that Tris and her compatriots took on when they decided to fight back against the oppressive society they were raised in. Tove Lo's "Scars" is a well-chosen note on which to end end this chapter of their story.

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