The 'Allegiant' Soundtrack Features A New Tove Lo Song That’s Bound To Be A Hit

The saga of the Divergent series begins to come to a close with the March 18 release of Allegiant , which roughly follows the first half of the final book (also called Allegiant) in the Divergent series of novels. The movie is exciting fans who can't wait to see what's going to happen when Tris and Four venture beyond the Chicago city limits for the first time ever, but in addition to seeing the actual movie, fans are also pretty psyched for the soundtrack. So where can you get the Allegiant soundtrack?

Unfortunately, the soundtrack isn't out yet. Nor has an announcement been made as to when it will be available, or even what songs fans should expect to see on the track listing. Will it be heavy on the Ellie Goulding like the Divergent soundtrack, which featured three tracks by the British artist along with such diverse acts as Snow Patrol, Skrillex, and A$AP Rocky? Or will it hew more closely to the Insurgent soundtrack, which did not feature Goulding or most of the other Divergent artists, and instead went for a heavy indie rock vibe with bands like Imagine Dragons, Haim, and Royal Blood? It's anyone's guess at this point.

As for when the soundtrack will be released, it frankly should be any day now. The Divergent soundtrack debuted a full ten days before the film, and the Insurgent soundtrack went on sale three days before that movie hit theaters. So knowing this, it seems like the week leading up to Allegiant's release on March 18 would be the prime time for them to release the new soundtrack. But not all hope is lost for the present. There is one single from the soundtrack that has been released already, and it's a good one. "Scars", by Tove Lo, is just the type of track that you can listen to on repeat until you get over your "lack of an Allegiant soundtrack" blues.

So even though there's no soundtrack yet, it definitely seems like there's one on the way soon. And since Tove Lo is involved, you just know that it's going to be packed with other inventive pop stars. So be patient, and keep "Scars" on repeat until the official Allegiant soundtrack hits iTunes.

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