Is Scott Disick Dating A Kendall Jenner Lookalike?

So, here's some crazy Kardashian news for you all. According to Us Weekly, Scott Disick and Christine Burke, a 20-year-old model, are reportedly dating — and the craziest part of the whole thing is that Burke looks a lot like Disick's ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian’s half-sister Kendall Jenner. And even though Disick and Burke have reportedly been dating for weeks, I can’t get over the shock factor every time I look at the pictures and think Disick is walking beside Jenner, the aunt of his three children. I mean, I’ll get over it eventually, but it’s still crazy enough for me to want to look away. Like, it's really undeniable how much Scott Disick’s alleged new girlfriend looks like Kendall Jenner.

But, I’m going to give Disick the benefit of the doubt here and guess that, if he and Burke are indeed dating like Us Weekly's source claims, it has nothing to do with the fact that she looks exactly like Kendall and everything to do with some sort of deep spiritual and emotional connection. Hey, Scott, you do you. But, regardless of what is going on between these two, it can't be denied that they've been spotted together — there's photo evidence of them leaving dinner in Los Angeles together on March 15. Unsurprisingly, their pairing didn't seem to go unnoticed by the Kardashian clan. It's worth noting that same day, Kourtney Kardashian cryptically tweeted, “God always showing me what I need to see.”

Coincidental or uncoincidental? You decide. Especially as it's been reported that Disick and Burke may have been together for some time...

Sure enough, earlier in March, both Burke and Disick posted pictures to their Instagram accounts from Punta Mita, Mexico. Additionally, Us Weekly reported that the two were in Mexico together, and were allegedly staying at Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis' vacation home.

But, regardless of how long any alleged relationship has been going on, it’s still totally striking how much she looks like Kendall Jenner.