The One 'PLL' A.D. Theory You Haven't Considered

by Kaitlin Reilly

I'll be honest: after the insane conclusion to Pretty Little Liars' Big A storyline, I was pretty certain that nothing on this show could ever shock me quite as much. Of course, that was naïve, because as anyone who watched the Season 6B finale can attest to, there were far more insane reveals to come. The Season 6B finale of Pretty Little Liars dropped several truth bombs, but the most jaw-dropping of them all was the answer to who has an identical twin on the series. Alison's mom Jessica has an identical twin named Mary Drake, which could have been the ultimate shocker if it wasn't for all of the gritty little details about this twin. It turns out that Mary is Charlotte's biological mom who felt cheated out of a life she deserved and is now hellbent on revenge. But is Mary Uber A? Not exactly: Uber A signed their text with the initials A.D., and it might just be a hint that Uber A and A.D. is Mary's son and Charlotte's brother.

So far, this theory is just that — a theory — but it actually makes a considerable amount of sense. We learned in the Season 6B finale that Mary was Charlotte's biological mother, and that Dr. Rollins was Charlotte's secret boyfriend. Clearly, Charlotte had more people in her life than we assumed, and since we've already checked off the "parent" and "love interest" box, I think it's fair to say that a person we could potentially meet is Charlotte's sibling. Why does it seem more likely that this sibling is a brother and not a sister? Let's consider this moment from the Season 6A finale:

In this flash-forward, which aired during the Season 6A finale but chronologically has yet to come in the Pretty Little Liars universe, the Liars run up to Ali in her classroom and tell her that a "he" is coming for her. We see in this scene that Ali has already written her name, Mrs. Rollins, on the chalkboard, which suggests to me that the "he" Ali is running from isn't her husband and ultimate betrayer. After all, if Ali found out that her husband married her for money and was actually in love with Charlotte, she would likely revert to her maiden name. If Dr. Rollins isn't the guy the girls are referring to here, there's a chance that it might be the elusive A.D., who at this point in the timeline the Liars have correctly identified.

So who could Charlotte's secret brother be? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my money is still firmly on Wren — and a clue from the finale suggests maybe he's not as out of the picture as it would seem. When Dr. Rollins took off his Detective Wilden mask, he revealed more than just his face: he also revealed that he's secretly English. Wren is also a Brit, and a Brit who had a close relationship with Charlotte — such a strong relationship that he chose to take Charlotte's side over his girlfriend Melissa's. It could mean nothing more than the writers giving us the shady Englishman we always hoped that Wren would turn out to be... or it could mean that there's a real connection between Wren and Dr. Rollins.

Both Wren and Dr. Rollins are English doctors, and assuming that Dr. Rollins really does have a degree, there's a chance that these two could have met in medical school. Wren could have been adopted by an English family, but found out after coming to America that he was Mary's son and Charlotte's brother — hence the job at Radley. Wren could be the ultimate connection between Dr. Rollins and Charlotte: he introduced the pair, and they fell in love. Perhaps Dr. Rollins even orchestrated being Charlotte's doctor so that they could be "together" before she was released from the mental facility. Though we haven't gotten a confirmation that actor Julian Morris is returning to PLL, this tweet from showrunner I. Marlene King certainly is mysterious:

It's a crazy theory, but right now A.D. is too mysterious of a force not to speculate about. Whatever is coming next, you know the next reveal will be even crazier than the last.

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