This 'PLL' Identity Is Still Unknown

Wow. I think we can all agree that Tuesday night's PLL finale truly exceeded all of our expectations and raised the stakes in a BIG way. (I guess you could say the series brought its "A" game.) And quite honestly, I'm still not over the shock. Not only did we learn that Jessica DiLaurentis has a twin on Pretty Little Liars , who goes by the name of Mary Drake, but we also discovered that this Mary Drake is actually Charlotte's biological mother, who was later adopted by Mr. and Mrs. D. (Just when you thought this family tree couldn't possibly get more complicated, am I right?) But now that we've solved that particular piece of the puzzle, the next logical question should be: who is Charlotte's biological father?

First of all, I think we can safely assume that "Drake" is not Jessica DiLaurentis' maiden name, otherwise Jason and Ali (hopefully) would've connected the dots between her connection to Cece Drake a lot faster. That means Drake is more than likely the last name of Charlotte's father. (Either that or she just completely made the name up.) But just because we don't currently know any male character who goes by that last name, doesn't necessarily mean we haven't met or at least heard of them before. This series loves to give its characters more than one identity, so it stands to reason that Daddy Drake is currently under the guise of a different name — or perhaps even a different face entirely.

So who could this mystery person be? One name that immediately came to mind was Kenneth DiLaurentis since it seems highly possible that he entered into a love affair with his wife's sister as payback for her affair with Mr. Hastings. But that seems a little too obvious for this show and doesn't connect to the whole "A.D." storyline. There's a big part of me that's tempted to name Wren as a suspect, but his age seems too close to Charlotte's to make that even possible. (Though logic isn't always the biggest priority on PLL.) However, that doesn't mean the dreamy doctor isn't connected to this complicated family tree in some way.

Wren once mentioned to Spencer that he had a family member who suffered from mental illness. What if Wren's dad and Mary Drake met each other at Radley and fell in love? That would make Wren and Charlotte half-siblings and help to explain why they remained in close contact with each other throughout the past five years. Maybe Wren was helping Charlotte to reconnect with her biological father, who's now potentially become obsessed with tracking down his daughter's murderer. (Hence why he abducted Hanna — her "supposed" killer.) But let's take this theory one step further and make the leap that Wren's dad is also Aria's uncle, Scott Montgomery, who just so happens to also have a history of mental instability. So why can't these two characters be one in the same?

Considering that Mary Drake and Rollins were elsewhere when the episode cut to Hanna's lifeless body being dragged on the ground, there's definitely another mystery character at play in all of this. Someone who's highly invested in what happened to Charlotte. So it stems to reason that said person would be her other parental figure and Wren may be the glue holding this dysfunctional family together. Plus, the fact that Rollins and Wren are both British doctors can't be a coincidence. For all we know, Wren and Rollins could be old friends and the real reason the latter initially came to care so much about Charlotte.

Either way, if Mary Drake has as many skeletons in her closest as her sister, then odds are the identity of Charlotte's father is going to become a major plot point moving forward. And I, for one, can't wait to see how it all unfolds in Season 7. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcasts below:

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