Will The Donald Drumpf Hats Be Restocked? The 'Last Week Tonight' Gag Gift Is Still Available

When billionaire businessman Donald Trump declared his candidacy for president, it was no surprise to Americans that baseball caps displaying his "Make America Great Again" slogan became part of his campaign as well as his profiteering. Little did Last Week Tonight host John Oliver know when he made his own "Make Donald Drumpf Again" hats, the parody caps would take off too. It's a shame, then, that the comedian and talk show host chose to sell them at the same price it costs to make the product — even though that would further accomplish Oliver's goal of sticking it to Trump by willingly choosing not to profit from the venture. It's also a shame that HBO didn't think to manufacture more caps ahead of time, since the network is having a bit of trouble keeping up with orders. So will the Donald Drumpf hats be restocked?

To prevent any immediate outbursts of anxiety, here's the deal: You can still place an order for the ridiculously punny cap. Yes, that's correct. You can go to HBO's online store and hit "Add To Cart." Whether or not the opportunity will remain is vulnerable to change, though, because demand is high on these stylish pieces of headwear. The caps were temporarily listed as sold out a little over a week after Oliver first announced they would be selling the hats during his episode dedicated to taking down the Donald with "Drumpf."

The products' pages now read "In Stock," so the FOMO can be put to rest. The network is clearly low on its "Drumpf" cap stock, though. In bold, red font a warning on the purchase pages for both "Make Donald Drumpf Again" cap styles reads:

Due to, um, unexpected ludicrous demand, our #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain hats may be delayed slightly; we'll get them to you as soon as drumpishly possible.​

And, according to the store's site, "as soon as drumpishly possible" equates to a waiting time of three weeks before the cap of your choice will be boxed and shipped to your doorstep. The fact that HBO got its act together and was able to change the caps' statuses from "Sold Out" fairly quickly means that the manufacturer is likely in the process of restocking the hats. And the hiccup where the caps were listed as out of stock was probably HBO's waiting time between clearing out its first batch (let's say the 35,000 that were sold as of last week) and finalizing the order on a second round of "Drumpf" caps.

But that doesn't mean you should assume you're in the clear, because that ludicrous demand could get even crazier — like L.L. Bean duck boot crazy — and three weeks is better than never.