Rayna & Deacon Finally Got Married On 'Nashville' But Not Without Family Drama

Rayna and Deacon have been the “will-they-or-won’t-they” couple of Nashville, and finally, only after four seasons (and some 20-odd years of time on the show) did they actually make things official. Of course, in true Nashville tradition, they almost didn’t make it. There was family drama, industry drama, and plenty of paparazzi, but Rayna and Deacon got married on Nashville , and it was a beautiful moment.

It took a while to get there, of course. In Nashville world, Rayna and Deacon’s wedding is the country wedding of the century, so it’s obvious that the paparazzi and press were waiting to pounce on any detail about the wedding. Unfortunately, they found Rayna, Deacon, and family leaving the rehearsal dinner, and as the family was getting into the car, a photographer said something derogatory about Maddie’s two dads and, well, Deacon slugged him. It’s not like he didn’t have it coming, but Maddie was suddenly very worried about Deacon’s temper (although he’s had a temper for, uh, the four years we’ve known him on the show). At the same time, Daphne thought she was being pushed out of the family and Tandy told the girls how much she doesn’t like Deacon. I mean, can we just let Rayna and Deacon get married in peace?

Though Deacon got cold feet for like five minutes (seriously, that guy is the Eeyore of Nashville), he made it down the aisle, and Rayna and Deacon said beautiful, lovely things to each other and made it official. All of the family drama was worked through, and for once, the Claybourne/James was tranquil. Sure, the Barkley/Barnes household is a mess, and the Grant kingdom is about to start raining down hellfire, but let’s focus on Rayna and Deacon. They were allowed to be happy for at least one second (Deacon sang a new song to his new bride, too), and it was a nice moment.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy