Does Rayna Have Cold Feet?

I get it, Rayna. It's tough to plan a wedding. And planning a Nashville wedding between superstars Rayna Jaymes and Luke Wheeler in less than a month sounds like some kind of masochistic Olympic sport. But my sympathy is just a tad limited in this department — I mean, she's Rayna Jaymes. She has some pretty massive resources at her disposal, not to mention past experience with planning a wedding. And besides, who wouldn't want to get married in the fall?

Understandably, she is facing a few challenges, with Maddie's disapproval coupled with a newfound rebellious streak. It seems to me that her reluctance to get married sits a little deeper than she wants Luke to think. She says at one point, "There's a lot to consider here, and a lot of people's feelings to consider here." But whose feelings is she really thinking of?

That's right. I'm still burning a torch for Deacon and Rayna. The little shifty-eyed look that she had at the beginning of the episode when discussing the wedding with her team wasn't an "oh no, how will I ever plan this wedding?" look. That was a flat out "wait, I'm totally not over the ex that I have a profound history and a child with, what am I doing with this other guy?" look, and it could mean trouble for Rayna's upcoming nuptials.

Judging by her little stint on stage with Luke and the idea for this "Honeymoon Tour," Rayna seems to be pretty confident about the wedding. For now. I'm only hoping that she gets far enough that we can see all the cute country wedding clichés I have come to expect from our favorite country stars, including and not limited to cowboy boots under fancy dresses, drinks served in mason jars, and twinkly lights in barns. But then, of course, I want her to come to her senses and end up with Deacon, because I wouldn't trade that kind of onscreen sizzle for the cutest wedding decor in the world.

Image: Mark Levine/ABC, Giphy