Layla Learned The Truth About Jeff's Death On 'Nashville' & It Was A Long Time Coming

When Jeff Fordham got killed off earlier this season on Nashville, not many were surprised. Oliver Hudson, who played Jeff, was already committed to Scream Queens, so it was only a matter of time. What was surprising, though, was how he died — he saved a suicidal Juliette Barnes from falling off a hotel roof, only to fall himself. Now, the only person who saw any of this (besides a very drunk Juliette) was Colt Wheeler, son of Luke Wheeler. Tonight, Colt finally told Layla Grant the truth about Jeff’s death.

Colt just happened to be on his balcony during the altercation, and he saw the whole thing happen. Luke forbade Colt from telling anyone what really happened up there (lest Luke’s brand be ruined or something, because he was just about to name Jeff CEO of his company). Layla, Jeff’s girl at the time, was told first that Jeff killed himself, and then that it was an accident that he fell off, and she mostly blamed herself. I guess Colt just couldn’t handle the burden of her pain, because he pulled her aside at Rayna and Deacon’s wedding and told her the truth. She puked, and boy, did she start making plans in her head.

Layla went straight to Avery with this information, asking all these questions about Juliette that Avery couldn’t answer. She’s in treatment for postpartum depression right now, so I’m not sure that Layla will be talking to Juliette anytime soon. I mean, it’s more or less Juliette’s fault that Jeff is dead. Juliette knows it. Colt knows it. Layla knows it. Will Juliette ever have to own up to her mistake? She has a lot of other messes to clean up, too (like, oh, her own marriage). It looks like Layla has plans to get close to Juliette through Avery (producing her album, that is), and whatever happens next in her trying to uncover more truths behind Jeff’s death will not be pretty.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy