Will Matt & Karen Get Together On 'Daredevil'?

Towards the end of Daredevil Season 1, things were starting to look up for Karen Page: After nursing a crush on Matt Murdock all season, he finally seemed like he might reciprocate — but now ex-flame Elektra Natchios is on the scene. Things don't exactly look good, but might Matt and Karen get together in Daredevil Season 2?

Well, of course, it's complicated — and neither Charlie Cox or Deborah Ann Woll has been particularly forthcoming on, well, the particulars, so we don't know definitively what's in store for their two characters. That said, make no mistake: Their slow-burning spark will continue to be a part of the show — even now that Elektra has come on to the scene.

However, it's worth noting that Elektra isn't their only romantic obstacle — if you'll recall, Karen shot Wesley last season, and she's still grappling with that, both mentally and emotionally. It's something that ends up coming between her and Matt, because as Woll told The Chicago Tribune, "We see Karen and Matt get closer, but there's always going to be this distance because she's not being fully honest with him, and he's not being fully honest with her."

Plus, believe it or not, The Punisher drives a wedge between the two characters as well (though, thankfully not as a participant in the show's love triangle) — see, post-killing Wesley and post-almost killing Fisk, Karen and Matt have pretty vastly divergent opinions on the morality of The Punisher's vigilantism. In one of Woll's favorite scenes of the season, the two characters end up fighting over the moral gray area, and it causes something of a rift. In the same interview, Woll said:

It suddenly just pops out of her mouth that she might think that (the Punisher's) way works ... That his way is right, and then realize after the fact that that might be an awful thing to think. And then look at the person across from her who she loves, and who she wants to love her back and respect her more than anything, and see his disappointment. See that she has fallen in his esteem, and how heartbreaking that would be.

Still, as heartbreaking as that quote is, there's hope for the two of them yet; even if they can't see eye-to-eye in these moral gray areas, they still might end up falling for one another. After all, Woll left the romantic door open for both her character and Elektra in a recent interview with SiriusXM: "I was very impressed with our writers — this wasn't a traditional love triangle; this wasn't 'who deserves him, who's the better girl, who's the winner.' This is about two very different distinct women, and it'll be about whoever Matt decides he loves."

For his part, Cox also touched on the pair's special relationship — in the same interview, he said, "I think from the moment he meets Karen he feels like she sees through everything; he feels like she looks at him and she sees everything that he's perhaps trying to hide. So we’ve been playing with the idea that, if at all possible, when he’s with Karen he has his glasses on — because it’s like he feels naked without them."

So, the question remains, will Matt finally take his glasses off in front of Karen this season, or will the show continue their slow burn of a relationship like with Season 1? For the sake of the unfairly emotionally burdened Karen Page, I hope things work out in her favor.

Images: Patrick Habron/Netflix (2)