How To Stream "This Is For My Girls," Michelle Obama's Ode To Girl Power

Michelle Obama has always backed the rights of women and girls, encouraging the female population to find empowerment in their actions and strength in themselves. Frankly, it's awesome to have a First Lady who has made female equality a central theme of her work. In that respect, it's no surprise, then, that Mobama has collaborated with Zendaya, Missy Elliott, Kelly Clarkson, Lea Michele, Janelle Monae, JadaGrace, Kelly Rowland, and Chloe & Halle to release a song written by Diane Warren and produced by AOL Makers and, called "This Is For My Girls." This "girl power" anthem Michelle Obama is promoting is doubtlessly going to rock the world of feminism and the world at large because honestly, it's really catchy and the lyrics are super-important.

The song is available to purchase on iTunes, as well as to preview on this page and on iTunes. It has that late '90s/early 2000s pop sounds to it, almost like a Destiny's Child song, not to mention Missy's sick rhymes toward the end of the song. Take a listen — it's good stuff, but more than that, the lyrics have real meaning. That is to say, the emphasis on choice in a woman's life — the choice to get an education, the choice to get married or not, the choice to have children — these belong to women alone, and no person should tell another person how to live.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Remember it's your life / Live it any way you like / 'Cause you know you got the right to

According to Mrs. Obama, 62 million girls globally are not in school, and in some countries, less than 10 percent of girls complete secondary schooling. That is unacceptable when all women — and all people — should have access to education, and certainly the same access to education as their male counterparts.

Treat your life like a stage, you go 'head and tear it up / Pass the mic, pass the mic, ladies come through / Don't ever, ever let 'em try to stop or try to block you / You better tell 'em you something better than any other / You'll never settle, you're next level, yeah, you're making moves

In fact, the Obamas feel so strongly about this message that they've created a hashtag #62milliongirls, in addition to their movement, Girl Rising, which explains the dire need for access to education. There is also a petition in conjunction with the Girl Rising campaign raising support and awareness for girls in allowing them to follow their dreams and contribute to their communities via accessible education.

Let life in with open arms / With love and with an open heart / We got to remember / We'll stand strong forever

All proceeds from "This Is For My Girls" go to the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, which was formed by the First Lady and the U.S. Peace Corps to expand access to education for adolescent girls around the world. Stand strong, ladies! This is just the beginning.