Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde Again With This Subtle Yet Awesome Ombre — PHOTOS

The queen of hair change-ups has done it yet again! But her recent transformation may not be as shocking as you might imagine. Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde, again, but this time it's in the most subtle way possible, which is very unlike her. She just had a stint with platinum blonde tresses at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, so I'm pretty surprised she has gone back to light locks so quickly. Perhaps she missed being a blonde?

The 35-year-old took to Snapchat to flaunt her brand new 'do, documenting the makeover process. Her snaps clearly revealed an ombre type of style, with her typical chocolate brown base gradually fading into a caramel-colored blondish hue. Leave it to Kardashian to bring back the age-old ombre.

Lightening her hair is not the only change she made, though, it seems her mane is shorter too. She captioned one particular image on her Snpachat, "Midnight haircut," as celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez held a scissor to her hair. The result was a a textured, brighter style that is perfect for spring.

Kimmy is not really one for subtlety. She usually likes to go big or go home, shocking the world with her drastic hair switch ups, so why the mellow look now? Whatever the reason, I'm totally digging the style.

Check out the pretty new 'do.

Oh la la.

You can really see the blonde in this one.

I'm obsessed.

This subdued style definitely contrasts her usual jaw-dropping looks — she loves to shock us. Let's check out some of her boldest moments ever where she successfully made heads turn.

1. The First Time She Went Platinum Blonde

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Kardashian first debuted fully platinum blonde hair in Paris last year, she successfully shocked her fans to their core.

2. When She Went Platinum Blonde Again

Sure she has gone platinum blonde before, but this super long super bleach blonde wig was on a whole other level.

3. When She Went Sheer For Maternity Wear

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When she attended the Givenchy Fashion Show last year, it was to support sister Kendall who was walking in the show, but she obviously stole the spotlight with this stomach-baring gown.

4. With Her Gigantic Engagement Ring

Go big or go home should seriously be Kardashian's life motto.

5. When She Went Makeup-Free On This Vogue Cover

She loves to give us the unexpected.

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