6 Makeup Tricks to Help You Look More Awake

We all have those mornings where no matter how much sleep we got or how many cups of coffee we had, we still look like we literally just woke up... and could fall asleep at any moment. Enter your saving grace: Makeup. I'm not saying that painting your mug from chin to forehead is going to automatically breathe life back in to your face, but what I am saying is that with the help of a few of your favorite products, you can trick yourself into looking more awake than you actually feel inside. Here's how.


The thought of splashing your face with cold water first thing in the morning sounds like maybe the last thing you want to do. But, trust us — it totally wakes up your face. The cold water will help shrink your pores so that the puffiness goes away. Take things a step further and plan ahead by freezing some cucumber slices. In the morning, pop them on your eyes for about ten minutes to quickly de-puff your eyes.


The biggest indicator of a tired face is dark circles under your eyes. Using foundation first, even out your skin. Then, dab a little bit of concealer and blend until it looks smooth.

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Help your eyes look more open by curling your lashes. Once your done, accentuate them with a couple coats of your most natural looking mascara.

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Step away from your black eyeliner and save that for the evening. To keep your eyes bright, you should line the inner corners of your bottom waterline with a soft white or nude-colored liner. Don't even think about putting any eyeliner on your top waterline, either.

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Add some needed glow to your tired face by dusting on a pink-hued blush or a golden-colored bronzer. This will help give you a healthy, natural flush.

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Just like blush, adding some lip color to your pout will not only add needed brightness to your face, but will also divert attention from your more tired-looking eyes. Pick shades that are more natural looking, like soft pinks and glossy nudes.

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