12 Times Tris Prior From The 'Divergent' Series Was A Badass Feminist

Don't deny that you have a major girl crush on Tris from the Divergent series. Maybe you even want to be her. Both of these are totally appropriate feelings, since it's pretty much understood that Tris Prior is a total badass. She scales buildings, fights dozens of bad guys at a time, and once faced down a knife being thrown at her face (even if her future boyfriend, Four, was the one throwing it). Tris is also an important feminist character in film and on the page, and many of her actions are a fitting parallel for feminism in the real world. She lives in an oppressive culture but nonetheless establishes her own identity and fights back. She cares about the advancement of society and doesn't believe that someone's genetics should determine their worth. She explores her sexuality and maintains a relationship that is based on mutual trust and teamwork as opposed to her being fully dependent on her male partner. Also, did I mention that she frequently kicks ass?

The character's fame among readers and viewers has resulted in plenty of Tris Prior memes and GIFs, many of which showcase her best moments. Here are some of the times that Tris Prior was both a badass and a feminist to boot.

1. When She Chose Her Own Fate


Despite having been raised Abnegation, Tris made the decision she had to in order to be true to herself and chose to become a Dauntless.

2. When She Leapt Off The Train


Still dressed in her Abnegation clothes, Tris had to make a quick adjustment to the fearless Dauntless lifestyle.

3. When She Jumped First


Tris took a risk and was the first to jump in Dauntless' nausea-inducing test of jumping off a building into a hole that appears to have no bottom.

4. When She Kept Her Cool


During her fear simulation at Dauntless, Tris found herself in a tank that was quickly filling with water. After initially panicking, she collected herself and realized she could break the tank by gently tapping the glass.

5. When She Perfected The Art Of Knife Throwing


Not your average Cuisinart skills.

6. When She Showed Resiliency


A great deal of Dauntless training involved getting knocked down and learning to get back up. Tris did this many, many times.

7. When She Jumped Off This Roof


This girl clearly has no fear of heights.

8. When She Showed Zero Shyness About Adapting To Her Reality


Tris developed some impressive artillery skills, which she used to defend against Erudite attacks in her dystopian setting.

9. When She Turned Herself In To Save Her People


Tris agreed to undergo the Divergence test for Erudite — knowing it could be deadly — in order to stop the the violence that Erudite was imposing on Dauntless using mind-controlling serum.

10. When She Opened Up To Four


Tris told Four her true feelings while also revealing that she knew they were in a sim. Genuine and cunning.

11. When She Spared Peter


Yes, this took place in a sim, but it showed Tris' true Abnegation qualities.

12. When She Outsmarted Jeanine


With Peter and Four's help, Tris faked her own death, overpowered the Erudite guards, and opened the box that revealed the message from the city's founders. All in a day's work.

As you can see, Tris Prior is not your average Jane. Throughout the course of the series, she has shown what she's made of — and it's equal parts badass and feminism.

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