This Actor Is Tweeting Sexist Casting Calls

Hollywood is under scrutiny for it's many isms (racism, sexism, etc.), and this actor Tweeting sexist casting calls has had enough of the bull. Knowing what we already know about Hollywood's persistent gender bias and the struggles female actors have with finding dynamic roles, these casting calls are still shocking. It's hard to believe we still exist in a culture that thinks it's OK to not only completely sexualize and objectify women, but one that doesn't pull punches when it comes to describing female characters as props. Yes, many of the casting calls don't even dignify the women with names, professions, or sometimes even faces. Women in these casting calls are reduced to how desirable they appear, which doesn't give you much hope for the next generation of Fury Road-inspired movies.

The Twitter account was created by a UK-based actor with the pseudonym "Miss L", who has been in her profession for around 10 years. In her 30s, Miss L is fed up with all the ridiculous, silly, and downright sexist casting calls that come her way. She told Mashable, "I was finding the casting calls so ridiculous that I just had to share them to show people what actors are dealing with on a daily basis... It's a constant in so many of the casting calls I read, whether it's blatant sexism in stating how a woman should look or act, or castings where men are playing the leads and women are playing secondary roles." The best part is you don't even have to take her or my word for it. Here are some of the most unbelievable and sexist casting calls from Miss L's Twitter:

1. These Terribly Sexist AND Ageist Casting Calls

Apparently, if you're a woman, your shelf life is 22. Anything past that and you're moldy cheese. Meanwhile, if "middle age" begins at 25 that terrifyingly means these casting agents think women mostly die at 50. That's not a particularly true thing at all.

2. This Self-Defeating Casting Call

Trying to end objectification by objectifying a woman is an ... interesting ... approach. Note that nowhere in this casting call does it mention that "The man realizes the woman is a dynamic and multi-dimensional character with passions, hopes, dreams, a vibrant personality, many hobbies, friends and interests and a career she works hard at." He does recognize that she's beautiful though.

3. This Casting Call For A "Busty" Actress To Sell Van Locks

I choked on my spit a little when I read "possibly wearing fake false nipples under bikini top".

4. This Casting Call For A Disembodied Ass

Who cares about a woman's face, personality, name, occupation or anything else, really, if she can shake dat ass? Can I get a "hell yeah" fellas? (Please note intended sarcasm of comment).

5. This Call For A "Stereotypical Woman"

The stereotypical woman in this case is weak and afraid. That's a dangerous idea of femaleness that is not only totally wrong, but seems like it would be better off in a bygone era, rather than in our modern society where women are no longer expected to be damsels in distress, but are fighting champions, CEOs, explorers, law makers, and anything else you could possibly think of.

6. These Pro-Rape Culture Casting Calls

Suggesting that a woman only exists for male pleasure is a tacit endorsement of rape culture, and these casting calls exemplify how Hollywood can take the autonomy out of being a woman.

If you would like to continue on in your indignant gasping, you can carry on reading the sexist casting calls on Miss L's Twitter feed.