The One Beauty Product You Need For Spring Is Absolutely Essential

Don't want to break the bank updating your look for spring? It's absolutely possible with the one beauty product you need for spring! In fact, if you're feeling extra ambitious, you can even DIY the product.

The one beauty product you need for spring to brighten your look on the cheap is tinted lip balm. You can toss it in your beach bag when heading to the waves, slip it in your purse for a casual coffee hang, or add a sheen to your lipstick before a hot date.

To DIY your own tinted balm, LoveUMadly blog shared that all you need is vaseline and Crystal Light or Kool-Aid packets. Just mix everything together in a small jar until thoroughly combined. And if you want to get some extra shimmer infusion, you could even add a dash (emphasis on a dash) of edible glitter.

If DIY isn't your thing though, no worries. I've pulled together some of the hottest tinted lip balms for spring. Scroll on to find your favorite one and treat yo'self! Have fun updating your spring look.

1. Lip Rescue Balm

Quench Lip Rescue, $19, tarte

Add a burst of subtle color with this super lip-quenching balm.

2. Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm, $18, Benefit Cosmetics

This is my favorite for gliding over lipstick. It's so smooth!

3. Tinted Lip Treatment

Tinted Lip Treatment, $24, Fresh

Add a kiss of rose to your pout with this sweet balm.

4. Tinted Lip Whip

Tinted Lip Whip, $15, Kari Gran

Light and smooth, this whip gives your lips a touch pink.

5. Lip Butter

Lip Butter, $12, KORRES

This melty balm leaves your lips bright and supple.

6. Rose Lip Balm

Rose Lip Balm, $8, 101Botanicals

I can't get over how cool the tin for this vegan balm is!

7. Cocoa Lip Balm

Cocoa Lip Balm, $5.95, GreenBeautyCosmetics

Give your lips of kiss of cocoa sheen.

8. Pink Caress Tinted Balm

Pink Caress Tinted Lip Balm, $3.50, PureEssenceBathnBody

Sometimes all you need is a little pink.

9. Beet Balm

Beet Balm, $4, Beach River Naturals

Yes, this balm is colored with beets! #Awesome

10. Peppermint Nude Tint Balm

Peppermint Nude Tint Balm, $3, SolNaturalBalm

For a slight pop of color and a refreshing burst of mint, this is the balm you want.

11. Red Tinted Lip Balm

Red Tinted Lip Balm, $8.79, VilleDeFleurs

Go bold with bright red tint.

12. Burgundy Lip Tint

Cheers to wine hues!

Burgundy Lip Tint, $6, CrazyGoodSoapCompany

13. Soft Pink Tinted Balm

Soft Pink Tinted Balm, $2.99, SeasonsOfLoveGifts

This soft rose color adds just enough tint to know it's there.

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