Women On Reddit Discuss Buying Plan B For Other Women, Proving That The Sisterhood Is Real

Women look out for each other. And for proof of this far-reaching rule, look no further than a Reddit thread of women talking about buying Plan B for other women and girls. Because despite all the media stereotypes about women being catty or seeing each other as competitors, in my own experience, I've found that actually the opposite is true: Women look out for one another — especially when you see a teenage girl trying to get Plan B at the pharmacy but who doesn't have the cash to pay for it.

That in fact is exactly the scenario that kicked off this Reddit thread on the subreddit /r/twoXchromosomes. Reddit user carlinha1289, who lives in Quebec, was waiting in the pharmacy line with her kids when she overheard the teenage girl in front of her trying to get Plan B, which she hadn't realized would cost $20. Neither the girl or her friend had the cash to cover it.

"She then (and this is the part that really made me want to get involved) asked the pharmacist if it would show up on her debit card," the Reddit user writes. "The pharmacist obviously felt bad for her and told her it would probably show pharmacy or something. She said she would have to find another way."

Which is not ominous at all.

Carlinha1289 continues:

Hell yes!

The woman then goes on to note that she's heard lots of other stories of women buying Plan B for other women, and I believe it. For one thing, I personally have done it — when I was in high school my state would only sell it to you if you were over eighteen (this has since changed; in fact, the FDA has dropped all age limits on the sale of Plan B), and I wound up buying it for a friend who didn't have a driver's license or any other way of proving her age. Because that's what you do.

In fact, it seems it's something that a lot of women do. The thread that emerged under carlinha1289's post quickly filled up with women comparing prices of Plan B, sharing horror stories of judge-y pharmacists, and swapping stories of helping other women get the contraception they need, regardless of the obstacles.

Here are a few stories from users on Reddit.

From supdawfy:

From manofconant:

From lilyraine-jackson:

From Muddymireface:

From Element72:

Plan B is one of those things that no one ever really wants to need, but if you do need it, you need it, which is why it's awesome to see women helping each other get access to this vital form of contraceptive.

And since this thread is also full of stories of judgmental pharmacists, I'll also take this opportunity to clear up a few things: In the United States, anyone can buy Plan B, regardless of age or gender (though pharmacists apparently don't always know this and sometimes refuse to sell to men). There also isn't any danger associate with multiple uses so long as you aren't taking it twice during the same cycle. And, of course, Plan B is not an abortion pill.

Despite the fact that is safe, FDA approved for all ages, and doesn't cause abortions, however, there have been instances of pharmacists refusing to sell it — which can actually be illegal depending on the state, so don't hesitate to insist if you need to. Plus, for young people especially the cost of Plan B can be prohibitive, depending again on where you live.

But it is nice to know there are people out there willing to help out friends, family, and even strangers get the access they deserve. Like I said, women look out for other women. And the fact that it's unfortunate that we have to doesn't make these acts of solidarity any less awesome.

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