Which 'Divergent' Faction Do You Belong In? This Quiz Will Show Your Fate...

With the mid-March release of Allegiant, the dystopian world of The Divergent Series is once again on everyone's minds. So much has happened between the first movie and Allegiant that it can be hard to remember how Tris got to this point. But here's a hint to jog your memory: it all started when Tris took her Aptitude Test and then had to choose her faction. For teens living in Tris' dystopian culture, the importance of choosing a faction — and the process leading up to that choice — can't be emphasized enough. Once you've made it through the terrifying simulation of the Aptitude Test, you have some valuable insight into your true nature, and you must use this information to choose with whom you will live, work and play for the rest of your life. It's therefore crucial to be totally certain about which faction you belong in before picking one on Choosing Day.

Choose incorrectly, and you could end up Factionless. But choose wisely, and you'll end up with like-minded people in an environment that allows you to make the most of your personal strengths and skills (or, at least, that's how the faction system is supposed to work). So, which faction from Divergent do you belong in? If you're unsure, we've got the perfect quiz to serve as your own personal Aptitude Test. (Lucky for you, it's not a sim.)

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Of course, each faction comes with its own pros and cons. For example, if you become a member of Amity, you'll be happy all the time and will get to wear bright clothing while you hang out with Octavia Spencer. But you'll also have to work on a farm, and you may someday discover that your happiness is artificially-induced due to a Peace serum that's baked into your bread. On the other hand, if you end up in Abnegation you can take pride in your selflessness and dedication to the greater good, but your people will be a target for the more aggressive factions. And you'll have to dress in grey all the time, and you may be called a "stiff" by the other factions. So yeah, relatively few perks there. Abnegation is basically the Hufflepuff of future Chicago.

Choose Erudite and you'll be known for your intelligence and will get to walk around the city sporting sharp blue clothes and a hefty sense of entitlement. But you'll find that your fellow Erudites have a sinister streak, so probably not the best faction to join if you're not into world domination. If you join Candor, though, you can say whatever the hell you want without having to sugarcoat anything. The only drawback is that your faction has a slight tendency of using truth serum on those who they think may be dishonest. Creepy.

Finally, you could choose Dauntless. If you do this, you'll be a grade-A badass, and you'll have the leather jacket and tattoos to prove it! Oh, but you'll have to make it through training without dying....

You'll notice that the system itself is pretty inflexible, not allowing for intermingling between groups or any faction-switching after Choosing Day. The system is also based on the flawed logic that every person has one dominant character trait, and that there's something immeasurably wrong with you if you don't fit the mold. But guess what? If you don't fit into any of these neat little boxes, you may just be Divergent. And, if that's the case, you can stand with Tris and Four in the fight to save humanity. Or, you can watch comfortably from your own home and let Tris and Four handle the whole fighting thing. Yeah, that sounds better.

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