Does Focused Concealing Work? I Tried It To Find Out — PHOTOS

There's a new beauty trend on the horizon that may save you some time when it comes to primping, and today, I'm putting it to the test. If you're wondering, "Does focused concealing actually work?" The answer is 100 percent yes. Here's why.

In case you're not familiar with the term, focused concealing is a method of makeup application that involves using tiny bits of concealer here and there to cover up any imperfections you feel are visible —whether it's an acne scar or dark circles. The technique is fairly simple: All you need is a small brush (or your finger) and some concealer. The product can be liquid or powder, but the key to success is blending to perfection.

Being in my 20s, I still feel like I can get away with not wearing foundation every day, which is precisely why I was inspired to try this trick. If you're not big on makeup or you simply want a quicker routine in the morning, this may be just the method you're looking for.

I'm going to take you step-by-step through the process, starting with a fresh-faced base. You already know that I'm a fan, so I'll let you decide for yourself whether or not it'll work for you.

1. Choose Your Concealer

For this tutorial, I'm using a liquid concealer and a brush.

2. Start Fresh Faced

Its important to start with no makeup on. As you can see, I have slight dark circles, an acne scar under my nose, and a couple of small spots on my forehead and chin. These are the areas I'm going to apply my concealer to.

2. Apply Concealer To "Target" Areas

My next step is to apply the concealer to the areas I mentioned. As you can see, I applied enough to do the job, but that is all. If you apply too much, it's harder to blend. So, remember, a little bit goes a long way!

3. Blend Away

For this step, I'm going in with a small brush to blend my concealer in a circular motion. As I work to cover the dark circles, I'm making sure to bring the product up into the inner corners of my eyes (almost like you would a highlighter). You want to blend the product out far enough where it appears seamless. Use my dark circles as an example: I blended that area all the way onto my cheekbones.

4. Finish The Look

Finally, apply your makeup as you would normally. If you're using a bronzer, make sure that your concealer is completely dry before applying it! Otherwise, you run the risk of the bronzer appearing more concentrated on top of the spots you concealed.

To finish the look, I used the Naked palette on my eyes, a Chanel smudgable eye pencil in brown, and a Maly nude lipgloss.

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Images: Alexa Dragoumis