10 April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your SO

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Come April 1st — the practical joker's favorite holiday — your friends, family, and coworkers require some obvious attention, but don't forget to give some laughter-inducing loving to your lover too. A little laughter does wonders for a relationship, so ready yourself for a happy start to a new month together with a whole ammo of April Fools' Day pranks to play on your significant other.

Pranks on partners can be tricky, as the line between hilarious and hurtful can sometimes be quite fine. This roundup of antics is deliberately playful enough to be enjoyed by both parties, for a day of April Foolery that's all in good fun. Spare everyone involved the anxiety and repercussions of played out tricks like false pregnancy alarms and fake breakups. It's possible to mess with your main squeeze without messing up their day, or worse, your relationship. These prank ideas steer clear of making messes. Instead, they promise some harmless mischief that the two of you can laugh about after. Choose your favorite, or go all out and prepare for a day full of pranking your partner, starting off with some Daylight Saving Time déjà vu and finishing with a decidedly questionable dessert. No one is safe on April Fools' Day, so ensure you have the upper hand with these prank ideas perfect for your other half.

1. Set the clocks an hour ahead

Set all the clocks an hour ahead and be sure to set your partner's alarm an hour early too (you're not that cruel). Once they're up and ready for work, ask them why they're getting such an early start to the day and show them the actual time on your watch or phone. Before they have a chance to get pissed, surprise them with something special you've prepared for that extra hour — like a special breakfast and a bonus cuddle session.

2. Freeze their belongings

If you do give your partner an added hour to their morning, go ahead and try your hand at this trick too. Freeze their belongings, like keys or toothbrush (or both), overnight in some water. Wake up just before them and put the items, now frozen in blocks of ice, back in their usual places. Once your partner is up and going about their day, they'll find they're in need of some thawing time — but all will be well because they're unknowingly up an hour early.

3. Top their deodorant off with cream cheese

Another way to get the April Foolery on first thing in the morning is giving them a surprise something extra when they apply their deodorant. Twist their deodorant stick down a half-inch, then apply cream cheese with a knife to fill the space to the top. This trick is particularly well-executed if you've already given them that extra morning hour — they may need to hop back into the shower to take care of a particularly sticky pit situation.

4. Add double sided tape to the toilet paper

Sometimes starting a new roll of toilet paper can be The Worst, leaving you trying to figure out just where the roll begins and ruining the first few rotations by clawing at it to get it apart. Take this annoyance to the next level by fortifying the adhesive with some added double sided tape.

5. Tape bubble wrap to the bottom of various things

Add a layer of bubble wrap to items that will be stepped on, like under the door mat or even the soles of your partner's shoes. Their initial reaction will be one of sincere confusion, but there'll be no harm or foul once they realize what's causing that super satisfying sound.

6. Go into their phone and set alarms for goofy alerts throughout the day

When they aren't looking, borrow their phone and add a few extra alarms for April 1st at random times throughout the day. Choose alerts depending on your shared sense of humor or based off of inside jokes. At 2:15pm your loved one could be kindly reminded to "Pick Nose" and at 5pm to "Buy VIP Tickets To Nickelback Concert."

7. Pretend you're playing hooky

Use the power of social media to convince your other half that you're having The Best Day Ever without them. Start by texting them you just don't feel like doing anything that day, then back up your sentiments with some enviable photos (that were taken ten months ago) of you hanging out in fun spots around the city, or better yet, an out of town destination. Pair your posts with some strategically timed check-ins and text them an ambiguous selfie along with "wish you were here, babe!" If you don't want to throw off all your followers, you can execute this plan by way of texts and direct Instagrams.

8. Get a temporary tattoo

When you meet up after work, confess that you have something new to show them. Find a particularly dreadful temporary tattoo and add a little artwork to your body. Better yet, order a custom tattoo with his or her name and really freak them out when you reveal your new ink.

9. Pretend you're cutting their hair

If your loved one has long locks, buy some cheap hair extensions that match their color. Then, while they're distracted, come up behind them with scissors in one hand and the extensions in the other, quickly swipe your extension-holding hand at their hair while simultaneously closing the scissors (away from their head), then jump back. They'll turn around in horror to see you holding scissors and a handful of what appears to be their locks. Confess as soon as it's too uncomfortable to continue the joke.

10. Get them a sweet treat but switch out a key ingredient

Finish off the day by giving them a batch of their favorite sweets. This prank works especially well with cupcakes or cream-filled doughnuts. In April Fools' spirit, switch out the frosting or cream-filling with mayonnaise. Just when they think you're done with the mischief and being sweet, they'll get an unexpected surprise that reminds them the holiday isn't over quite yet.

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