‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Love Meredith’s New Guy

Derek Shepherd has been dead for, oh, about a season now, even though it feels like much longer. I think it’s time for Meredith Grey to get back out there in the dating pool (or at least the kissing a stranger pool), and it seems like the writers on Grey’s Anatomy agree with me. They’ve given her a new love interest who is hot, heroic, and totally into her — but who is Will Thorpe on Grey’s Anatomy , and why are fans so into him?

Meredith and Thorpe met when the team from Grey Sloan did a special surgery at Bauer Hospital, a nearby medical facility. It was one of those big, scary surgeries where everyone from the hospital has to be there to help (they took away a man’s cancerous leg and moved his remaining leg to the middle of his body so he would look like one of Sid’s cast-off experiments from Toy Story). Being the man’s full-time oncologist, Thorpe wasn’t exactly down with the experimental surgery, but it all worked out for the best, especially because he asked for Meredith’s number. In true Meredith fashion, she ignored the calls, but then he showed up at the hospital to ask her out. You guys, I am totally digging this. And you know what? A ton of other Grey’s fans are digging it, too.

I think Mer/Der fans miss Derek but recognize that Meredith needs to move on and be happy so she’s not such a whiny B all the time. Meredith has really gotten annoying in her “I’m an island” way, so a new man to loosen her up and make her remember how much fun it is to interact with other people is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t hurt that he is a hot doctor who saves people from cancer. Oh, and he was also in the army. Yeah, those are all pluses in my book, Mer. Please just go out with him — we all support you.

Images: Ron Batzdorff/ABC; Giphy