Mackenzie Bourg Stripped Down "Billie Jean" In The 'American Idol' Top 5 And It Was Amazing

If you didn't love MacKenzie Bourg already, you totally do now. 23-year-old American Idol hopeful, Bourg, performed a completely stripped down version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and it was unlike anything I've ever heard before. Seriously, this guy has shown off his originality since day one but never like this. Bourg took an incredible risk in the Top 5 — and it totally paid off.

I'm admittedly a huge Bourg fan and tonight's performance proved exactly why. He knows who is as an artist and is not afraid to take risks. Though I don't believe he'll win this season of Idol, he will have a strong career after this. He has a cool singer/songwriter very similar to Ed Sheeran's — he's calm, cool, collected and extremely cute. Bourg has one of the most unique talents of the season — but it's not enough to win.

The producers and fans are looking for a huge talent to bookend that of Kelly Clarkson's. That means the Idol winner needs to have a big voice and a big personality. Bourg is not that. He is extremely talented, but has a quieter, more humble talent than Clarkson. If America was looking for an Idol with originality who is sure to have a long career in the industry, then Bourg would be the guy. But sadly, that's not what America is looking for.

Though Bourg may not win American Idol, he will have a career in music. His quirky personality and unique sound deserve to be in the spotlight. Plenty of past Idol castoffs have found fame on their own — Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, and Clay Aiken, for example — and Bourg is destined to join their ranks. He already has herds of fans screaming his name, and is sure to have even more after his tenure on Idol has ended.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX