How To Clean Your Sandal's Footbed

by Lindsey Rose Black

Whether you're romping on the beach or pounding down the pavement, your sandals can get pretty dang grimy. In case you don't how to clean your sandal's footbed, you're about to! I've broken down strategies for cleaning Birkenstock, suede, and rubber sandal footbeds so that no matter what kind of pair you're rocking, you can make them squeaky clean.

I personally am a member of the Birkenstocks club. I am freaking obsessed with my pair of white vegan ones with this little back strap and I will cry forever when I finally have to retire them someday. Luckily, I know that taking care of them properly (including the often-stinky footbed) means they should last for quite awhile.

Regardless of whether or not you're #TeamBirkie like me or diehard committed to your rubber flip-flops, cleaning the footbed impacts not only your sandals, but your health. The Institute For Preventative Foot Health shared the keeping your shoes clean is a crucial component of overall foot wellness.

So grab your favorite pair of sandals, scroll on to figure out how to clean them correctly, and get it done, girl! Your sandals and your feet will thank you big time.

Rubber Flip-Flops Footbed

Two Pack Flip Flops, $20.33, ASOS

As shared on IDreamOfClean, the easiest way to clean rubber flip-flops, including the footbed, is simply tossing them "in the washing machine with your regular laundry detergent and warm water. After the washing machine cycle is finished, take them out and let them air dry."

Birkenstocks Footbed

Arizona Sandal, $134.95, Birkenstock

Bustle's Jessica Thomas wrote an epic article on how to clean your Birkenstocks footbed. First, she advised wiping the footbed once every couple of weeks with a damp cloth to remove dirt. When the footbed needs a deeper clean, mix a little water with baking soda to make a paste, spread the paste over your footbeds and leave overnight, then rinse your shoes gently and let them air-dry in sunlight.

Suede Footbed

Cross-Band Wedge Sandals, $29.99, Kohl's

If your sandal's footbed is made of suede, CleanMySpace recommended giving it a rubdown with sand paper to smooth out marks and remove stubborn dirt stains.

Additionally, it's safe to clean them with a tiny amount of dish soap and warm water, scrubbing particularly dirty marks with a toothbrush and leaving the sandal outside to air dry. #StupidEasy

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Images: Lindsey Rose Black; Courtesy of Brands