Emma Roberts' Latest Instagram Makes A Statement

Friends, have you noticed what I noticed about Instagram? That it's become the place to decipher the status of a a relationship? Because, albeit unofficially, it totally has. For instance, you can now tell who is on the outs, who is about to get together, and who is about to break up based on the nature, quality, and quantity of posts, if you only pay attention. Sure, it's not an exact science, but it's pretty reliable. For example, Emma Roberts recently posted an Instagram photo with Evan Peters, and it says a lot (a lot, a lot) about their relationship.

Well, let me put out a disclaimer on that: Roberts posted a picture with a man that appears to be Peters, since he wasn't tagged and we only have the luxury of seeing the back of him. But, for as many seasons of American Horror Story as I've watched, I am pretty sure that that impressive head of hair is his. Also, the position both AHS alums are in gives it away, as well. The picture is intimate, sentimental, and pretty conclusive, especially when you consider the trajectory of their relationship over the past year or so.

Before this, their were only vague social media references to where Roberts and Peters were at with one another. Like, a picture of matching coffee mugs that Peters posted back in January where he tagged the Scream Queens star. Or their matching Bachelor Instagram posts, in which he referenced his "girlfriend." And then there was the black and white picture Roberts posted of herself with an especially delicious looking espresso in the beginning of March, where, interestingly enough, she tagged him as the blurry reflection in her sunglasses. Instances that make this new picture not that surprising, but very affirming.

I mean, just look at the difference between those two and the new one:

So, what statement is this new picture making exactly? Well, in a not-so-roundabout way, it's saying that the two are very much a couple, literally, as they have their arms wrapped around one another in a familiar yet loving embrace. And, unlike the other tagged pictures, they're physically in this photo together. That's quite a big step.

Also, if we're going to get metaphorical about it (sorry, I was an English major), the two have clearly just taken a hike and are looking out into the distance together, so this photo signifies that they've overcome some major obstacles and but are still facing life side by side. How's that for an Instagram interpretation, huh? I think we can take this as that officially unofficial Instagram declaration of couple status.