Emma & Evan Appear To Be Back Together For Reals

Though they've famously kept pretty coy about their relationship status, it's getting pretty hard for Emma Roberts and Evan Peters to deny that they are back together. They've had many highs and lows since the beginning of their relationship in 2012, getting engaged, being involved in a few scary incidences to rival American Horror Story plot points, only to split for what seemed like the last time in June of 2015. If you believe "inside sources," these two have a volatile relationship, and seem to thrive off drama, so it shouldn't come as much surprise that they're basically back together again.

Their reported reconciliation has not been confirmed, but the signs are all there. As of last week, the two were spotted at a Lower East Side restaurant lookin' "cozy in a corner booth." They were also snapped by paparazzi at the end of January locking lips in Los Angeles, so that one would prove quite challenging to dispute. Prior to that, the two had a dinner date in Beverly Hills in early January, and also enjoyed a "romantic staycation" in Malibu over New Year's to ring in 2016. I don't know about you, but I'm a little dizzy!

And of course, there are also these telling Instagram posts:

Well, there it is! Roberts posted a benign photo to express her excitement about The Bachelor and Peters followed that up with a mocking post about his girlfriend "forcing" him to watch... The Bachelor! "My girlfriend." His words, not mine, folks. Other signs that they're back together:

I mean, this kinda says it all, doesn't it?

FACT: Only people who are dating walk side by side with each other.

Look at how they're sitting in that booth. Not exactly the way "friends" would sit and have lunch together, amirite?!

The couple that shops at Sephora together, stays together.

And of course, "booboodaddy" recently tagged "emmaroberts" in a 'gram with some very telling coffee cups.

I'm no relationship expert, but in my very thorough analysis, it seems like these two are very much back on. Congrats, you crazy kids!