A Disney Reboot Of 'The Black Cauldron' Is Coming

A Disney reboot of The Black Cauldron , the animated cult classic that tanked in theaters more than 30 years ago, is currently in development. For those unfamiliar with the film and its source material, The Black Cauldron is the second title in Lloyd Alexander's five-book series The Chronicles of Prydain. Based on the Welsh Mabinogion, Alexander's series follows Taran, an assistant pig-keeper who dreams of becoming a legendary hero, as he grows up and battles with Arawn Death-Lord to save Prydain.

Disney based its original 1985 film on the first two books in The Chronicles of Prydain; The Book of Three is the first. The movie was not faithful to the books, and left little to no hope for a sequel. Due to its poor box office performance, The Black Cauldron did not receive a home video release until 1998, and it has become somewhat of a cult classic today.

In truth, The Black Cauldron feels more Don Bluth than Disney, which isn't a bad thing. Unfortunately, it wasn't what audiences wanted or expected in 1985, and many are skeptical about whether Disney should attempt to pull off Alexander's work again. As a fan of both The Chronicles of Prydain and The Black Cauldron, I'm excited to see what Disney has in store.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Giphy